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where it all began…

My name is Jasmine Feliciano and I am the owner and primary author of this blog. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and I currently reside in South Florida.

Since I was a child, I was in love with writing and exploration.

Quite the introvert, I would use my composition book and write short stories complete with my drawings as illustrations. I remember reading one of my stories to my brother as he encouraged me to keep going. I was also an imaginative adventure seeker. I would create stories about places I never been to but I have visited in my dreams.

By seven, I was practicing my cursive handwriting having perfected my mother’s signature right down to slant from the start. Writing was something that was innate for me and so it took very little effort.

Over the years, my intense focus on writing was now shifted on staying in school and advancing. By high school, my love for it was rekindled. I had a great English teacher who encouraged me to keep writing after he read a poem I wrote. After that, I pursue it with great vigor but was encouraged to pursue a career that was more stable instead. I looked into the healthcare industry and took jobs in the field helping people. However, I did take a few classes in college in creative writing to work on my craft. During that time, I dabble in web design. I taught myself how to write html codes and create art using Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, and Macromedia Fireworks. In a matter of months, I knew html codes by heart and still use it to my advantage.

Looking back, I have spent most of my professional life (about 16 years!) in the healthcare field where I slowly built my life around radiation therapy. I became a licensed radiation therapist in 2008. I told myself that I will give it ten years to stay in therapy and after that I am progressing onward. During that time, I traveled to many places- Egypt, England, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, St. Maarten, and others including U.S. cities. Having advanced professionally rather quickly, I wanted to complete my college baccalaureate degree in my other interest- Business Administration, more specifically in creative entrepreneurship in 2011. I worked in a full-time position meanwhile.  I gave myself a year to complete my degree and I did having graduate on my birthday in December 2011.

I decided to try my hand at teaching what I knew in therapy as I slowly transition out of the clinical area altogether. In less than ten years, I reach my goal of ending my clinical practice in therapy. Having research how to use my biz degree, I decided to open my first online business by combining another interest that I love and enjoy doing- baking. I opened Stirry+Bites in February 2014 using the Etsy storefront platform.  While perfecting the shop, I was encouraged by my mother and sister to go back to writing and so my research led me to blogging.

Unfortunately, Stirry+Bites has been closed since 2016 as I prepared to take my knowledge in wellness and spirituality to the next level. Having to decide what to blog about also took some soul searching. It took me about two years to realize that I needed to go back to when I was child. Knowing that writing was my niche, I had realized that adventure too, was my calling. came forth in 2016 but left little to be desire as I wanted to share something more to the community.

So as an alternative, THISWOMANFROMNYC was created. I am this woman from NYC that had to visit her childhood to discover her gift, go through obstacles, to reignite her passion in adventure, wellness and spirituality and combine all to share with the world. It’s all LOVE. It’s all HEALING. It’s all ASCENSION to greatness. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. 

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