How To Activate Submission On Your Life's Journey

Photo credit by |  Suad Kamardeen

Photo credit by | Suad Kamardeen

Trying to understand our life’s voyage, can leave us stymied, unhappy, rejected and perplexed. When we think about our circumstances sometimes we can think, there is no way out. Knowing this, some instruments can help shift our minds and focus on what has been promised to us, or what we have promised ourselves.

Discerning your life’s journey will take some time, but we have to comprehend how to submit. Submission is one of the key tools I've been using to help me with my journey. After being rejected by jobs and rerouted to better opportunities, I first had to acknowledge the hurt and disappointment.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so you always have to think,

“what is this trying to teach me”?

Most of the time, God is protecting you from something that you cannot see. For that I am thankful. Back to submission. When I truly learned how to submit (still learning), doors started opening for me left and right.

With certain levels of trust, unlocking the key to overcome obstacles will happen! Something that l realized, is that submission will always be the authority OUTSIDE of us, while discipline is conducted out of OUR OWN WILL. THIS. BLEW. MY. MIND! For example, if you’re on a job, you don’t have the authority over your boss. You aren’t in a position of power, you’re in a position of SUBMISSION.

Most times the lower is the strongest. If your goal is to move up within the company or even venture off on your own, you MUST submit. If instructions are given by your employer, DO IT. This, in turn, teaches us DISCIPLINE. This THEN builds a high level of TRUST. If your boss can TRUST you to follow directions, then your discipline will shine through, all because you submitted. Even when you didn’t want to.

Exercising these tools has helped me tremendously in life! It has taught me an appreciation for what I have so that when God blesses me, I’m appreciative of the things I ALREADY HAVE. I pray all the time, “I’m so thankful for a home, clean, hot water, clothes, shoes, a vehicle, and a sound mind, etc”. If you pray, ALWAYS be specific.

Do l want bigger and better? ABSOLUTELY, but learning how to submit will hide you, in a way, to elevate you to your fullest and greatest potential. You will become a better person overall and your goals and dreams will seem more attainable and clearer, day by day! Start practicing submission in different areas in your life, and I guarantee you will ELEVATE!"

With love,

Candace Ciara

Candace Ciara

Candace Ciara, is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago where she earned her Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism with an interdisciplinary major in Television. She has been in numerous shows displaying her talents and performing on stage, as well as TV and is a proud member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) and Actors Equity Association (AEA). Candace has also been featured in four primetime TV shows which include, "BOSS" which starred Kelsey Grammer and ABC 7's, "MIND GAMES”, “CHICAGO FIRE” and most recently "THE CHI". Candace is the founder of SHE IS ART which is a nonprofit organization that exposes young women of color to diversified fields within the arts. For more information visit,

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