The Real Deal on Breast Cancer Prevention

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We will soon be flooded with the infamous pink ribbons to signify Breast Cancer and messages from the medical community prompting the public about awareness. To add to the awareness, I am a big encourager of being proactive and promoting prevention. Why? Because as the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure! I have provided some preventative measures to encourage you to take action towards establishing helpful natural practices for your tatas:

Your Diet Matters

It is recommended that following a healthy balanced diet combined with a regular fitness routine are keys to maintain optimal well-being. But what does that mean especially with the influx of special diets displayed on social feeds? Is there a specific diet a woman should follow when it comes to maintaining healthy breasts? To put it plainly, the focus should be on prevention using more plant consumption. I suggest incorporating dark greens, like spirulina because of the high potency of chlorophyll which is highly oxidizing to the blood cells.

In general, eating more live foods like a mostly plant-based diet is recommended. Perhaps, my biggest concern with the standard American diet especially where meat is of concern is the process in which these animals are subjected to while alive- such as the injections of hormones. Consumption of these processed, hormone-injected foods has the propensity to encourage and feed growths like tumors. The bottom line: Eat more greens and add more movement regularly.

Antiperspirants can be a Hazard

It is no secret that most major antiperspirants/deodorants contain a metal called aluminum and while reports mentioned that it is not a risk, I tend to beg another look. Even the idea of applying a metallic ingredient in the effort to ease armpit sweat seems questionable.

A retrospective study featured in the EBioMedicine analyzed data from over 200 Breast cancer cases revealed a major correlation with the underarm cosmetic product and breast cancer risk. The correlation was considerably prominent with patients who reported applying an underarm cosmetic product more than once a day. While more studies will need to be conducted to link aluminum to the list of known carcinogens, the study and its findings are worth a mentioned.

Hands-On Self-Care

How often do you massage your breast? At my last workshop for Love Box Brew Co., I asked this question to a crowd of over twenty women and not one raised their arm. I was astonished by how many women have never given a thought about it! These massages are crucial to the breast because it helps to tone the skin, improve the circulation of lymph fluid and blood, and may help to balance hormones.

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Besides, getting to know your breasts through consistent massaging brings awareness. You become more aware of any possible changes or abnormal irregularities like lumps or lesions. To do, using an organic massaging oil, preferably one with calendula, perform circulating, clockwise motions around the entire breast and armpit area. Allow the oil to absorb before dressing. Massages are a welcoming self-care routine that is a step ahead of the original breast self-exams.

Breast Imaging Alternative

When I was a pre-teen, I would hear my mother griped about the mammography machine “squishing” her breast. Even the sound of that, brought dread to my imagination. Completing mammogram exams has always been the standard screening for breast cancer, especially for menopausal women. Now as the world becomes more accepting of alternative medicine or the inclusion of it, thermography has become more appealing and with reason!

During thermography, a patient is instructed to stand towards an infrared camera that captures images and detects heat patterns and blood flow changes in the breast. It is a painless, safe and radiation-free. The test reveals temperature differences on the surface to pinpoint any breast abnormalities including potential malignancies like tumors.

While thermography should not be used as a stand-alone for a final diagnosis, hormonal panel testing should be a part of the equation before beginning a comprehensive treatment plan. If you are in the local area of South Florida, I highly recommend contacting the amazing professional services of Thermographer Donna Tomey at Thermography First.

With so much conflicting information about breast cancer prevention, it can be difficult to navigate through all the fluff about what you need to know. I am hoping that this information can be beneficial and empowering towards living a life that you can proactively do for healthy breasts.   

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