Life After An Abortion : An Empowering Healing Ritual

Photo by  Jude Beck  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

Actual Direct Message received from the young woman

Actual Direct Message received from the young woman

Recently a young woman sent me a direct message from Love Box Brew’s Instagram account. She had a hard time dealing with the emotional and physical burden of having to undergo an abortion. Even reading her painful and honest message left me in tears because I felt her heartbreak and sorrow of having to make the decision.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it was reported that 638,169 cases of abortions were performed from 49 of the 52 health departments reporting areas. In fact, 1 out of every 3 American women will have at least one abortion in her lifetime.

The procedure takes about five to ten minutes where a physician performs a uterus examination; inserts a thin tube through the cervix and use a small, handheld suction device to gently remove pregnancy tissue out of the uterus. After the procedure, the patient is taken to the recovery area until they feel better and are ready to leave.

But what happens after? How often does one seek emotional and spiritual guidance after going through such a procedure? Is it given much thought? Abortions are typically conducted at most Planned Parenthood and Woman’s Health-based clinic offering care and services to women across the nation. Upon my findings in my local area, it seemed that spiritual counseling towards healing post-abortion is minuscule.

The young woman asked for healing and understanding. She wanted to do a ritual to break her free from the pain and hurt. I promised her I would return her message with a practice that can be of help.

I had to take a moment and meditate with Spirit for some guidance. I was able to channel and receive a specific healing ritual which I intend to share. If you are ever in the position of carrying this burden post-abortion, know that there is healing and below I share the exact instructions I gave the young lady:

Find a space in your home and play soft ambient music in the background. Light three white candles (to designate the energies of the Holy Trinity) and burn some incense, preferably one with Jasmines because this spiritual flower is associated with the Divine Feminine and the Creator. As you prepare this space, ask the Creator for protection of your surroundings and that you only welcome Divine energies.

Did the unborn soul have a name? If so, use their name for the next step. If not, take the time to name them; even if you didn’t know the gender.  Set an intention to soothe your connection with the soul. You can say aloud: “I am affirming to heal the connection between myself and (insert their name here).”

Get comfortable and place your hands on your womb. Take a few deep breaths in, close your eyes and communicate with the unborn soul. In your mind’s eye, imagine yourself cradling the soul. Now, speak nothing of love and kindness to them.

Ask for their forgiveness as you seek forgiveness for yourself. If you cry during this process, feel free to. Release and surrender. Know that the Creator and gentle spirit of the Great Mother heard your words and intentions.

Now, imagine the spirit of the Great Mother holding you both, gently rocking the both of you. When you are ready, close with a simple prayer of thanks and say, “We all come home to our Beloved Creator and Great Mother.” You can let the candles burn out or use a snuffer to gently snuff the flame. Just don’t blow out a candle- it can be disruptive to the energies. This is the end of the ritual.

If you found yourself in the same position, I hope this helps and brings peace to your spirit.

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