Finally! No More Stress Overload Before Bedtime

Photo credit |  Connor James

Photo credit | Connor James

Imagine this scenario: You are so tired and are experiencing anxiety that you’re having a hard time going to sleep. You try to adjust your pillows, stretch your muscles, switch sleeping positions and nothing seems to work. After a few hours, you are finally able to sleep but you wake up later feeling super exhausted and jittery. Well, I have a plan to help you out and stabilize that stress so you can sleep better:

Kick The Caffeine

Improve your chances of having the best sleep by cutting back on caffeine, especially coffee. The effect will demonstrate favorable results when cutting back on the joe for a week or two. If you are having trouble cutting back, I think I could help you with a few ideas from my post on how I kick coffee to the curb. In the meantime, I recommend making the traditional teacup in the morning and before bed. Switch to Matcha, green tea or any caffeine-free herbal tea.

Use Herbs to Stabilize Stress

I didn’t know about adaptogens until my functional medicine physician recommended I take an herbal blend of herb which called Rhodiola. Rhodiola is an herb that grows in the cold, mountainsides of Asia and Europe. It is often used for infections, headaches, depression related to stress, and anxiety. This herb is known as an adaptogen because it is derived from a herbal preparation of live plants. Rhodiola is also used to regulate cortisol production and balance the body’s stress response. Speak with your functional medicine physician before starting an adaptogen to best determine a treatment plan.

Start the Day Off Right

Make it a routine to go to bed early and rise early in the morning to commit to squeezing in a quick yoga stretch or walking meditation. Mindful exercises help to start your day feeling refreshed and reset the cortisol levels. A study has shown that going outside for a ten-minute walk for at least three times a week can significantly reduce the cortisol hormone. Ask a friend to join you and the hormone oxytocin kicks in! This hormone helps to protect your brain from any stress.

No More Stress Overload Before Bedtime | THISWOMANFROMNYC

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