5 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Visit the Beach This Weekend

Source | Photo by  Will Suddreth

Source | Photo by Will Suddreth

I love going to the beach.

There’s no place quite relaxing, alluring, and rejuvenating. It is one of the best stress relievers from it- away from the harsh reality of work and the technology-driven space.

The beach: a place where you can simply recharge with no guilt.

While the beach can be the ultimate escape adventure, it has multiple health benefits as well. I am offering you five reasons why you need to plan a sandy visit this weekend:

Sunlight = Happiness 

A study administered in the Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia found that the number of participants exposed to sunlight affected their mood. Proving that exposure to sunlight can make one happier.

Serotonin is known as the happy chemical. It is a transmitter that sends/receives messages among the nerve cells contributing to well-being. Naturally, the study witnessed increased levels of serotonin among the participants having a positive effect on factors like sleep, stress, and appetite.

In the study’s own words: “More sunlight meant better moods; less sunlight lead to symptoms of depression.”

I’m not claiming that if you don’t go to the beach, you will be depressed for life. However, as you read on in the post you will discover that the beach has a lot of good things to offer your body, all in one exquisite place!

Natural Exfoliant 

There’s something so appealing about kicking off my sandals when I get to the beach. I’m sure you feel the same way and it is no surprise! Because there are somewhere between 3,000 and 7,000 nerve endings in each foot that are stimulated when you walk across the sand.

Moist sand acts as a natural exfoliant and flakes off dead skin cells from your feet and anywhere from your body, leaving it smoother and renewed.

The skin sheds about 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells about a minute which can cause pores to clog leading to blackhead and acne. By exfoliating, your skin becomes healthier and revived.

To take advantage of nature’s best exfoliant, take a walk near the water where the sand is looser. Grab a scoop and slather your skin, rubbing the decadence in circular motions. Rinse with seawater and repeat.

And since we are on the subject of nature’s beauty products, do I have great news about the seawater!

Tides of Sea Beauty Elixir 

Growing older means our skin will lose its suppleness and tightness. While there is an array of surgery and anti-aging products on the market, I am recommending something far less inexpensive – seawater.

The ocean is bountiful of anti-aging minerals that can offset the decline on the skin’s elasticity. Treat your body now and then to the sea. Embrace the water as it lovingly splashes on your body.

It may not have the same dramatic effect as say a facial tightening procedure, but I can guarantee that the restorative and tightening effect over time is much more favorable.

Breath of Fresh (Ocean) Air 

For about 200 years, humans have gathered to the ocean to take part in salt baths to treat conditions like psoriasis to pulmonary disorders. It is a common belief that breathing in salty air can be beneficial to the lungs. But is it true?

Dr. Thomas W. Ferkol seems to think so. He was President of the American Thoracic Society and he conducted a study to support the claim back in 2014.

The study lasted for 48 weeks and consisted of surfers who had cystic fibrosis. It was concluded that the patients showed little need for antibiotics and fewer flare-ups after being exposed to ocean air over time.

Another study found that there are additional therapeutic effects of breathing in the salty air – especially for those who have lung disease. The common results from the study produced: improved lung function, reduced coughing, lower sinus pressure, and thinner mucus.

Healthy Reasons Why You Should Visit the Beach This Weekend | THISWOMANFROMNYC

Something to ponder about the next time you practice your breathing meditation on the sand!

Beach Life Gets You Moving with No Effort 

Do you ever notice that going to the beach usually means you may take part in doing something active? Think about it! You’re going to swim, surf, paddleboard, jog, walk, and/or play volleyball.

Rarely, do you sit there and do nothing. At best, something as simple as just walking on the sand is great exercise. Walking on sand requires you to do more mechanical work than say, walking on the sidewalk.

According to the Journal of Experimental Biology, “walking on sand requires 1.6-2.5 times more mechanical work than does walking on a hard surface at the same speed.”

Even a leisurely swim in the water can burn about 200 calories! You’re bound to do something and benefit from it.

With the warm sunlight, the view of the amazing water, the sound of the waves, the scent of the seawater and touch of the soft sands- the gym looks and smells boring. So ditch the weight room for a day and go the beach instead.

It is guaranteed a more pleasant sensory overload.


Disconnecting from the world is so good for the mind, body, and soul. According to a study conducted in the University of Gothenberg, Sweden, being constantly connected correlates to stress, depression and a loss of sleep.

Do yourself a favor and unplug from the smartphones and other devices and allow yourself to escape to paradise every once in a while to re-center.

Taking a short walk on the beach is known to decrease stress and help you to recharge. Another study conducted by the University of Exeter discovered that people’s proximity to the beach and their health reports concluded that living seaside aided in better health.

One reason to book that hotel room or buy that sweet condo overlooking the water!

The beach is such a restorative place to help you physically, mentally and spiritually. If you ever need to find a reason to add beach visits to your self-care routine, this article is your sign! See you at the shore!

If you like the post, share with your friends! Perfect to drop hints the next time you want to plan a day trip to the beach. I’m just sayin’.

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