Top 10 Wellness Trends for 2020

Photo credit |  Anthony Ginsbrook

Photo credit | Anthony Ginsbrook

Here are my first go-around on the top ten wellness trend predictions for 2020. Let’s see how this will play out as I revisit these trends along the coming year:

1. Snack on Snacks

I love to snack! Do NOT keep tortilla chips and fresh guacamole around me because I will tear it up! But seriously, I believe a new trend of incorporating mindfulness combined with snacking will be a consistent thing. More consumers can expect to see more snacks available at the dairy and produce sections of your local supermarkets. I’ve noticed this at my local CVS drugstore. Walking past the drink section, a small corner was designated for refrigerated snacks on the go: probiotic-rich drinks, handheld protein snacks, and small fruit bowls.

Gone are the days of aisle filled snacks of preservative-laden chips, now consumers will be able to purchase whole-food and healthy alternative snacks to fight that hunger strike between meals. Where does the mindful aspect come into play? Mindful snacking allows you to make healthier choices so you are not binging on high carbs and/or fat items while sabotaging your health goals.

2. Garden Fresh Kitchens

Future kitchens will allow for space for garden spaces of all sizes! Between tower gardens of hydroponic technology and handheld planters, this will give you accessibility to fresh herbs and produce all while keeping the air clean. Imagine built-in and simple composts that will allow you to get rid of organic waste like the banana peel you used for your morning smoothie. The impact that these features will do to the culinary experience can perhaps inspire you to become more conscious of what you put on your plate!

3. Yummy Fungi

Mushrooms give a wide array of essential vitamins and nutrients especially vitamins B, C, and D. Take a look at Shiitakes- this type of mushroom is known to boost immune and heart health while aiding the body to fight off inflammation and disease.

Researchers from the University of Florida have discovered that people who ate shiitakes every day for a month showed an increase in immunity levels, more specifically the IgA levels which is linked to respiratory immunity. This type is known for its savory flavor and can be used many dishes like Panini sandwiches as a meat substitute to a hearty pasta dish. Mushrooms may become the go-to trendy vegetable like the turned-popular Kale.

4. Immersion Adventures

How can you take spa retreats to another level? How about adding role-playing and fantasy adventures to the mix! The idea of transformational travel is not too far fetch: Six Senses Bhutan consists of five, imaginative and decorated themed lodges that are engulfed by the five pillars of happiness. Imagine being immersed in an apple orchard within a pine forest and transported to a hilltop where the palace’s pond gently kisses the sky. Magical, indeed.

Such journeys promise to transform your being by igniting all of the senses- as a traveler, this sounds intensely appealing than booking the usual vacation with the matching excursions. Six Senses will be accepting reservations in October in time for its grand opening in Spring 2020. My thoughts: I could see more resorts and retreats everywhere adopting this trans-formative approach of immersive experiences into their guest attraction repertoire.

5. Rest and Recover

In the last decade or so, it seems that the fitness industry has always been focused on an assortment of trendy classes and programs. Think Zumba, Crossfit, Soulcycle, etc. The future is making way for studios and solitary fitness businesses to offer post-workout programs. However, I am not talking about cool-down stretching. In 2020, get ready for restorative amenities with an emphasis on nutrition, stress reduction, sleep therapy, and healing. The focus will be on maximizing the body’s fullest potential and this includes the recovery.

6. Customizable Health plans

We are seeing the rise of a more health-conscious individual who is taking control of their wellness and it is amazing! With social media and many other professionals promoting awareness in an assortment of health topics, you are bound to come across a health tip that speaks to you. With the information, comes application towards treating diseases and other conditions. Now the future will make customizable healthcare catered to your specific ailment.

Gone are the days of the “one size fits all” treatment path and matching symptoms to treatments remedies. Personalized healthcare can be tailored based on professional recommendations saving the patient a lot of heartache from the many challenges like expensive prescriptions and office visits. One scientific wellness brand called Arivale offers genetic analysis, questionnaires and personal coaching. Once the information is obtained from the patient, the coach can create a personalized road map to help the patient optimize their well-being and avoid disease. When customization meets prevention: how brilliant is that?!

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7. MD Bling Hotline

You can look forward to being able to “visit” your doctor in the comfort of your home. The idea of telehealth is not a brand new idea but it will be a popular and convenient choice for patients who may have limited mobility. A health practitioner can be able to conduct a ten-minute video chat (like Skype or Zoom) with a patient and receive a prescription. Telehealth allows patients to address health concerns that may have been uncomfortable to freely express. Now, I can’t say it will rule out the need to see the physician; they will need to make a diagnosis via assessments and lab testing to treat health conditions. Having the ease and accessibility of a practitioner is a major wellness win.

8. Eco, Wellness & Politics

As people become more natural health-conscious and open to alternative wellness, we can expect to see a heightened awareness on the need to politically address environmental issues and it affects the human condition. After the diabolical fires that doomed the Amazon, we can expect to see organizations rise and demand to save our green planet. This is likely to play on the political sphere as the demands will governmental officials to address the global concerns of the environment and eco-systems. Additionally, this action can challenge to measure and administer policies that are in alignment with human and not economic well-being. This can revolutionize the need for wellness programs for the workplace which can be beneficial towards employees.

9. The Art of Noise

We often think of sound like the dreaded traffic noise as we wait at a stoplight or the mechanical hum for the office’s air conditioning duct overhead. But, sound can offer a sense of relaxation and therapeutic value. More specifically, it is called the science of Neuroacoustics. Just think the soft rush of water along a small creek or the birds lightly chirping with the soothing droplets of water from a fountain in the background. I believe these natural soundscapes will take place of the radio stations and televisions in doctor’s offices and other wellness centers. This appreciation of sound will provide an opportunity for musicians to create unique forms of music that can positively affect us in new ways. For instance, the use of specific hertz frequencies like 528Hz that promotes healing used as part of the soundscape experience.

10. Return of the Wise Ways

The world will be drawn for more nature experiences as the need for virtual life and technology use will slow down. Judging from social media trends, the conscious community seems to be drawn to more ancient practices from indigenous cultures. We can expect to see a resurgence of traditional natural medicine stemming from Shamanism and more rituals like the use of sweat lodges and medicinal ayahuasca use. These practices will give spas and retreats an opportunity to create safe havens for personal transformation and growth. Of course, this will raise legal, level of authenticity and cultural concerns, the inclusion of such practices may not be so far-fetched.

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