Why You Need To Fire Your Life or Health Coach

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Source | Raw Pixel

Social media has opened a wide platform for all kinds of coaches to emerge and show what they are made of. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming to a potential client.

Besides taking into account a coach’s experience and/or school training, fully examining your coach’s style in presentation can hint as to whether or not she or he is right for you. Coaching is all about empowering and if you are intuitively picking up ego-centered vibes, then this individual may not be best for your growth.

If your coach is demonstrating any of these characteristics, it is time to let them go now:

1. Your coach makes the conversation about themselves, not you.

Your coach should be a mirror to you. The mirror should reflect how you see yourself. This view should provide the clarity needed to prompt inspiration and spark change within. If your coach has a whole life plan designed for you and how it should go instead, get your money back and make an exit immediately. Because using this approach, is more about their egos and not what is best for you. A great coach is going to foster your transformation in your own process and time, not theirs.

2. Your coach doesn’t seem to be listening to you and doesn’t answer you directly and clearly.

Ask a few probing questions as opposed to answering your coach’s questions. A great question to ask is how long they have been a coach and what inspired them to guide others. This will open a dialogue where you can uncover your coach’s personality, their thought patterns and their motivations. If you are still unsure, gather up as much referrals and testimonials from others to get feedback.

3. Your coach lacks professionalism.

This should be a no-brainer. Is your coach distracted on their phone while talking to you? Can they provide justifiable feedback after baring your vulnerabilities? If not, fire their behinds! Know what you are committing to when seeking guidance from a coach. Read the fine print before signing an agreement and never sign the dotted line to something that seems vague. Obtain a clear time frame with goal points and a possibility to extend your agreement if needed. You should never agree if you are surrounded with uncertainty no matter how helpful your coach appears to be.

4. Your coach is a little too demanding before you even talk.

Walk away from anyone who thinks you should commit to working with them before a sound introduction. You are their client so it should feel pleasant to converse with them before any agreement is discussed. The introduction should consist of a healthy dialogue where you can uncover their philosophy, goals, and what inspires their work. From here, you can be able to distinguish whether or whether not this person is worth your time and energy.

After all, it is your money and energy you are putting on the table in exchange for guidance. Think before commit.

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