Celebrate in Safety This Halloween

Source | Pixabay

Source | Pixabay

Happy Halloween!

Like most kids, this big kid love this holiday. Amidst the fun costumes, office parties and parades, Halloween is one kick butt, magical celebration. But with the happy times, ensuring safety and addressing concerns are ultra important.

The scary truth is that children are twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween. A research conducted by National Safety Council revealed about 18% of these deaths occurred at intersections and road crossings. The lack of visibility due to low lighting at night is typically to blame in these types of death.

So please consider the following quick tips to ensure that the little people including the big kids (also known as adults) have a safe outing this holiday:

Costume Fashion Sense

  • When choosing costumes and accessories, be sure to check if they are fire-resistant

  • Make sure masks are fitted and allows proper ventilation and adequate vision

  • Attach reflective tape to costumes and treat bags, especially if kids are going out after dark. Alternatively, hand them glow sticks or necklaces to wear for visibility

  • Check to see if Halloween makeup is toxic free and do a test drive on a small patch of skin

  • After the festivities, be sure to prevent skin and eye irritation by removing all the makeup from their faces

Out & About

  • Be sure to have a designated responsible adult to accompany kids as they make their rounds in the neighborhood. If you have pre-teens or teens that are going alone, be sure that a route plan is set-up and review. It should go without saying that an agreeable curfew time is expressed and expected too

  • Reiterate to the kids not to go into a stranger’s car or home no matter how sweet or innocent they may appear

  • Instruct your kids not to eat any of the treats until they return home

  • Inform the kiddos to travel with their friends in familiar places, preferably areas that are well-lit

If You Are Driving

  • Watch for kids walking on the streets, roads, medians and curbs

  • After dark, be sure to watch kids wearing dark costume clothing

  • Drive slow as you are entering and exiting driveways and alleyways

  • If you are new to driving, don’t start practicing tonight

One last tip: Please put your phone down! Keep your (both adults and children) heads up, walk, practice safety and enjoy the holiday!