How To Spiritually Cleanse with Incense

How To Spiritually Cleanse with Incense | THISWOMANFROMNY.png

While there are many ways to cleanse your home, one of my personal ways of cleansing my sacred space goes beyond the physical practice. I spiritually cleanse my home often and my favorite tool to use is incense. The spiritual use of incense can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt and it is mentioned quite often in the biblical texts. These can be very powerful aids to maintaining spiritual cleanliness and purity in the home.

In essence, you can compare burning incense to a flare lit up to attract spiritual forces you wish to call upon. Even the scent can appeal to spiritual forces as well! Scent reaches you on both the conscious and subconscious level at the same time, invoking past life memory, affecting our moods and our state of mind.

 When you use incense to clean a space, you can improve the vibrations and give a space a more “spiritual” vibration. Each scent of single incense or a blend, responds to a particular vibration. Incense can come in many forms- sticks, cones, gums, and resins. The choice of incense is totally up to you and what speaks to you.

How to Burn Incense

With an incense cone or stick, it is pretty basic. You light it, blow out the flame until the smoke appears and the tip of the ember glows, let it rest in the upright position on a designated plate, and allow the sweet whiffs of smoke danced mid-air to cleanse your surroundings.

And then there is the gum incense:  

Burning gum incense on a charcoal disc is probably the most pure way of burning but it can be difficult for a beginner to use. Once you are familiar using the two, it will become a staple. To use, you will need a fire safe container. Charcoal discs can be purchased at most natural and spiritual stores. To use, I would recommend using tongs to handle it before lighting it with a match or a lighter.

The charcoal tends to light up fairly quickly across its surface and can burn your skin without the proper use of tongs. Once the charcoal is ignited place it flat in the container, the surface will turn red with the heat. At this point, you can add a teaspoon size of your choice of incense gum or resin on top of the smoldering charcoal. As the smoke arises, you can say a prayer over it for the effect you desire.

Cleansing Your Space

Before you start to clean your home, it is important to open your windows to allow any stagnant air and vibrations to exit. Once the windows open, use the incense and allow the smoke to clear the energy. Incense cleansing should be followed up with another incense to harness in benevolent vibrations to your newly cleansed space.

Common Types of Incense scents and their Effects

Allspice: If you want to create a space of friendliness, allspice is your go-to. Consider burning it before your social gatherings like that holiday party you are hosting! Allspice has the ability to bring in harmony within relationships as well.

Cinnamon: Has a calming effect and it boosts the giving nature presence in a home when it is burned. With giving and gifting season in full effect, keep the scent of it burning! It can also be used to bring in good energy after being visited by a miserable, negative person.

Frankincense: Used for cleaning, clearing energies, spiritual protection and growth. It is believed to have a profound effect towards healing by relieving stress and anxiety.

Jasmine: Known for its potent spiritual effect, Jasmine adds a calming vibration and promotes mental tranquility. It also adds mental clarity to stagnant thoughts.

Rose: Has an elevating influence in devotion and can quiet active vibrations to a chaotic space. It also instills peace, happiness and confidence.

Sandalwood: Provides both a spiritual and soothing vibration. It promotes a deeper relaxed state, increases spiritual energy and spiritual awareness.

Cleansing your space with incense can be an effective way of removing stagnant energies that may be suppressing your ability to meet goals. As the year comes to a close, consider adding incense burning to your cleaning ritual to clear 2018 energies and welcome the new of 2019!