Music Concerts are Good for Your Health- Here's Why!

Source | Wendy Wei

Source | Wendy Wei

Last Sunday night, I had the amazing pleasure of attending Twenty One Pilots’ Banditos Tour. With all the lights, musical performances and fire special effects, it was hard not to feel the music improving the mood and taking the mind off of the mundane. After all, music is the creative outlet capable of many health benefits, here are the most potent perks the next time you need an excuse to reserve concert tickets:

Twenty One Pilots Banditos Tour | Sunrise, FL

Twenty One Pilots Banditos Tour | Sunrise, FL

A therapeutic moment to reconnect with yourself

When you think about a specific song, you cannot help but think back to how you felt the first few times you heard it. The song had that special ability to conjure up feelings like happiness, sadness, love, lust or rage in that short duration. Music has that capability that allows us to revisit an emotion. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on life lessons behind the beat, verse, and chorus. It is the quintessential therapy via the eardrums and sacred memory space.

Reduces the stress and cortisol levels

Even with all the music blaring and the crowd screaming in excitement, attending a performance can decrease the release of cortisol and other stress hormones.

In fact, it also has the ability to decrease blood pressure, respiratory rate and heart rate. A study conducted by researchers of the Imperial College London, discovered that 117 study participants experienced lower cortisol levels after attending an orchestral concert.

Great all-over body workout

You are bound to get a good assortment of exercises in anytime you attend a concert. My sister and I hit the pavement as we walked to the venue after refusing to pay twenty bucks for parking. Once the concert began and the music was pumping, we were on our feet jamming to every beat. We forgot about the time that had passed and forgot about the calories we were burning too! Plus, the diaphragm was getting a little of that workout in as we were belting out all of our favorite songs. You are guaranteed to get in shape without much thought going into it.

Music is a painkiller

Did you know that listening to music has an analgesic effect to the body? Its true and it is just effective when a person attends a music concert. When you are stoked after hearing your favorite song comes on, your brain releases endorphins blocking pain via neurotransmitters. This allows you to listen to the song you love as it can increase your pain threshold.

Feel soul good from within

Researchers at Australia’s Deakin University discovered that people who regularly attend music performances possess a heightened sense of well-being. A thousand people were interviewed to obtain an understanding of the relationship between listening to music and their well-being. The findings exposed that participating in music, whether if dancing or attending a concert, were associated with a heightened sense of well-being than those who did not participate or engage with music in any way.

This coming year, make an attempt to go to concerts for a healthy fix and a memorable auditory pleasure from your favorite artists. Music is without a doubt, a healing and restorative experience!