How To Give A Good Holiday Gift

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Source | Raw Pixel

What happens when you are on the other side of the Secret Santa exchange and you need to choose the best gift for someone? The secret to gift-giving someone with the damn near perfect gift is to uncover what they would like. I find that one way is to have a random conversation about something that is nostalgic to the person; a conversation that is joyful and puts a warm smile on their face.

One key thing to avoid is “assumption by my like”- assuming that a person would like a gift because you like it. In other words, don’t give your co-worker a makeup palette from Sephora. You might think the color choices are trendy but she might not appreciate it especially if eye shadows and cheek contours are not her thing. Here are some ideas to take the guesswork away as you continue your gift hunting experience before the holidays:

Create a Holiday Care Package

I came up with this idea over the years because I couldn’t decide on one particular gift for a coworker. I thought about gifting them with a gift card or certificate but it is a little too clinical and clichéd for me. Knowing that he was into cats, lunch sandwiches and wooden crafts, I created a care package box of cool, quirky gifts that resonated with all his interests. I brought about five, small gifts from stores like Home Goods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx and spent less than $25 for everything. When I gave it to him, it was hit! He laughed and appreciated the thought that went into the special curated gift.

To use this idea, come up with a theme that speaks to the individual’s personality. For instance if the gift receiver enjoys baking, create a care package complete with a jar of cookie flour mix, mixing spoon, cookie baking sheet, small rolling pin, and bag of sprinkles. Keep it fun and relatable to their interests. It is guarantee to be a memorable gift!

Speaking of Food

There is always something charming and festive about giving a gift that is begging to be enjoyed within the next twenty four hours. Why not gift them with jumbo fortune cookie , a decadent cheesecake or mouth watering berries? When it comes to food, you can’t go wrong unless there are specific allergies. But, that’s why it is imperative to do the research beforehand and have an open dialogue so you know exactly what to surprise the receiver with.


If the receiver seems to enjoy the classic look of monograms, perhaps gifting them with a plush bathrobe with their initials wouldn’t be a bad idea! Alternatively, if they enjoy reading books by their favorite author, gift them with the latest novel with a special inscription noted to them within the first few pages.

Or if they are writers themselves, gift them with custom stationery with their monogram. For years, I have adore Sugar Paper for the exceptional attention to detail and sophisticated. Their stuff is aesthetically appealing and top-notch!

Give A Scrapbook

Have pictures stored of you and your friend’s good times over the years? Harness the creative flow and create a scrapbook! Use calligraphy pens to create captions, stickers for decoration, and other collectible items like concert ticket stubs and attach along the pages. These customized gifts are so special because they are memorable and irreplaceable. They hold more value and are guaranteed to warm the heart of anyone who receives it.

I hope these gift ideas help you as you make your way through the gift giving holiday. If you found this article helpful, do share with your families and friends!