Reasons To Warm Up This Winter With Infrared Sauna

Reasons To Warm Up This Winter With Infrared Sauna | THISWOMANFROMNY

Saunas have been utilized for thousands of years by different societies across the world. For many, it was more than just a way to detox for health reasons; it was a spiritual experience that has long been treated with respect and integrity.

Participants would sit in an enclosed area by a pit fire with stones taking in the excessive heat for an extended period of time. Today with our modern-day technology, we have come far from the pit to the sauna, with infrared sauna becoming the most effective type to date.

Infrared saunas work by incorporating infrared heaters to warm up the body much like natural sunlight but without the solar radiation. It permeates the body’s tissues to raise the temperature from deep within. It helps to prohibit viruses and other pathogens commonly prevalent during the winter season.

The traditional sauna heats the air with steam which can make it uncomfortably hot and causes you to sweat at surface level. Plus with the added steam, it can make breathing in the air difficult. In comparison, infrared uses dry heat that is well-ventilated and comfortable to relax in. Here are some encouraging reasons to warm you up towards infrared saunas:

Lose Weight, Lower Blood Pressure

The first reason is obvious! Infrared heat therapy causes the core body temperature to rise as cardiovascular conditioning starts to kick in. As the body cools itself during an infrared sauna sesh, there is a profound increase in the metabolic and heart rate. Your body begins to respond by sweating as it works to cool itself. To illustrate, one 30 minute sauna session can easily burn up between 200 to 500 calories!

Sweating boosts the blood flow, helps with circulation and lowers the blood pressure. In fact, there is scientific evidence that proposed that going to an infrared sauna twice a week lowers blood pressure.

Regulate, Circulate

Infrared heat therapy works similar to exercising in that the muscles are heated due to increased blood flow. This helps to resolve inflammation within the tissues. The increased circulation assist in transporting help to the tissue edema which purges the inflammation, lowers pain and speeds along the healing process.


Infrared heat infiltrates the tissues, muscles and joints and helps to relieve the pain and minor aches to chronic pain conditions. A study concluded that using the therapy helps to relieve back, neck, and arthritis pain. In addition, the therapy can rush the recovery time after experiencing an injury.

Purifies and Detoxifies

I used Infrared therapy and I could attest that I have noticed the reduction of my acne over time. It seemed to make my complexion brighter which is no surprised considering that it helps to improve skin tone. With regular sessions, it also improves the skin’s elasticity reducing the cellulite that is typically trapped underneath the skin. As an added bonus, it helps to reduce the look of scars over time.

It is no secret at this point, sweating is one of the best ways to heal and preserve good health. Infrared heat encourages the detoxification process in three ways: by increasing the body’s temperature, heating up the deep tissues, and intensifying the body’s metabolic processes. Living in this modern world, detoxing from all the bombardment of unnatural elements we are exposed to every day is not only crucial, but necessary.

Whether you are looking to relax after a difficult workout, looking for a detox boost, or an excuse to hide away from the winter world and stay warm, it is totally healthy to indulge in an infrared sauna sesh! Be sure to stay hydrated with water!