Heal Chronic Stress With These Small Changes

Source | Antas Singh

Source | Antas Singh

Welcome to modern society where the air is ok and the need to achieve and the caffeine in our coffees are overly stimulated. It is no wonder that all of us are stressed!

Between jobs, the anxiety, looming depression and toxic interactions, we are bound to experience a vicious cycle of the “new normal”.

It seems nothing is ever enough and we want more of everything- shoes, clothes, bigger house, and/or a better car. We are draining our pockets and our health!

We become susceptible to desiring more vacations and looking forward to weekends just to relax. Except the weekends have become more hectic than the week; addressing things we need to accomplish in the home on the to-do lists.

At some point, one would think that something has to change. It will get to a point where sustaining this fanatical, toxic lifestyle will harm one’s health.

Chronic stress is linked to depression, heart disease, hypertension, and cancers.

Stress is self-inflicted and if we are givers, we often don’t know how to say no. So how can we address this?

Rather than offer advice on meditation (which is not a bad activity to do!), we need to focus on how to deal with the stress when it occurs.

Here are some ways to help you discern stress that can make a huge impact:

Belt It Out

Listening to pleasant sounds and singing are very therapeutic. It releases vibrations that are capable of breaking up the blockages inside of us.

Even if you cannot sing, the vibrations alone can shake up the sluggish energy that can contribute to stress.

Try this the next time you’re stuck in a rut: Hum your favorite song and watch how your approach to the situation transforms.

Do It With Love

Often people get stuck in what seems like an endless routine that they can forget what they passion truly is. It happens effortlessly when you find yourself pouring your heart and soul into a dream project you adore.

When you push the activities and people you love to the top of your priority list, your stress levels are more likely to diminish.

Believe it or not, your energy especially one derived from stress affects what you do. So, the next time you cook a hot meal, do so with love and your food will taste so yummy. The same goes for anything you pursue in life, follow it with gusto, enthusiasm, and love.

Let It Go

It’s a known fact that we stress over things more than we really should. We tend to internalize it as it orbits around the feelings we create. Sometimes we make it worse so the key is to find a way to learn how to let things go.

Once we acknowledge a stressful situation, we are better off releasing it to the universe and our lives can become easier to deal with. I always suggest writing these stresses out and tossing out or burning them away. Its liberating with you can symbolically release yourself of the mental strife.

An example is being late for an appointment because of a traffic accident. Your mood shifts to reacting negatively to being late causing yourself stress. Instead, look at from a place of acceptance. Once you realize that you are not in control of the situation and that things happen, then it becomes easier to deal with the situation.

Begin to reflect on your life and ponder how you can make small changes to improve well-being and reduce your stress level.

If you need more assistance, I suggest seeking a professional functional medicine practitioner to take a more holistic approach.

Your biggest investment in life should be you. So take control of it and live out your best!