4 Signs Your Job is Toxic and Unhealthy

Source | Tim Gowu

Source | Tim Gowu

It can get pretty sad, walking into a workplace and seeing some sad people working behind cubicles. As an empath, it ain’t easy picking up all that depressive energy too.

The reality is that most companies are filled with people who are genuinely unhappy and are suffering with health issues as well. Some are subconsciously sharing that energy bringing others down to feel the weight of the distress. And why not? Misery loves company!

The best news is that even though we can’t change the people we work with, we have the free will to change our perception about the situation.

If you have heard the podcast, Soul Gab, you will know very well that myself and my co-host Ashley Taylor express our thoughts on the importance of breaking down old belief/thoughts constructs that does not add towards our personal growth.

So, let’s take a look at some common thoughts that create toxicity and uneasiness to even the most successful people in life. From there, you can decide for yourself is the toxicity stemming from the job or your own beliefs:

1. I have no life after work. “All I do is sleep and get depressed thinking about the tons of work I have waiting for me tomorrow.”

Suddenly you cringed and get easily depressed. If you feel this way, really ask yourself: How long do I intend to stay in this emotional state? Is it really worth it?”

When you are in a good place that encourages you to not only grow professionally but fosters and respect your personal time that is when you know you are winning. Earning nice checks may seem like a great reward but if the job doesn’t respect your growth, it is not worth it. A healthy job is going to help you grow and trust your judgments.

By growth, I am talking about respecting your human needs, respecting your values, setting boundaries and acknowledging your self-worth. When you are resonating from a place of self-respect, this can help you find or create the harmonic job environment made for you.

2. I feel defeated at work. “My boss (or co-worker) is such a bully and makes me feel like I am capable of doing my job.”

Since I started working at the age of 15 to the present at 34, I had the pleasure of working with some great people. I’ve learned a lot which added to my personal growth. Then, there were the difficult personalities from the bosses to the negative colleagues. From this, I had to learn how to set healthy boundaries and decide what things/attitudes I was willing tolerate from others.

If you feel that you are experiencing too much defeat, then it is time to take back your power and stand up for yourself. Be open and express how you feel to the other person- even if it is your boss. You are human much like your boss (or colleague) and we all have feelings. So, pull them aside and express honestly and openly how you feel. Respecting your worth will be reflected in your actions, and reasonable people will reciprocate.

If your boss or colleague is being truly unreasonable and the working environment is toxic, then allow yourself to think about pursuing another job or career. Your boundaries are far more important than settling for toxic behaviors from others.

3. I hate Sunday nights and tomorrow starts the dreaded workweek.

If negative thoughts are popping on high alert in your head on a Sunday night, I recommend that you assess and become mindful of what is contributing to your unhappiness at the job. To feel like your world is falling apart combined with shallow breaths and chest pain is the basis for a panic attack! For an individual to go through a health crisis, warrants a serious evaluation about your job. Period.

Get support from a helpful and honest friend, a reputable therapist or a coach. Take a break and reassess what needs to be change- the attitude or the environment. Also, remember to stay in a grateful attitude no matter how negative the situation may appear. After all, these are your lessons to learn. This will position you to other opportunities that will best serve you and your purpose.

4. This job is so boring and I feel like I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do in life.

Your current job may seem monotonous and uneventful, but do realize that your job is serving its purpose to you. You have probably picked up on a multitude of skills that you had not accomplished before you got hired. So, honor what you have achieved thus far with this “boring” job of yours! When you start shifting your thoughts to grateful ones, good results for your true purpose will come to you in record time.

Ponder about what you would want to do in your life. If you deserve more meaning, pray and meditate for answers. Then, start experiencing it as oppose of dreaming about it. Serving your purpose could be just around the corner!

The fact still remains: You are responsible for the choices you make when it comes to your job. It is so easy to blame the boss and co-workers because you are unhappy with the conditions. The truth is, is that you CAN create the experience that you want.

When you begin to believe in yourself, stand up for yourself, accept who you are and give yourself permission to share your strengths with others, you will find happiness and harmony in a place where you can enjoy work.