3 Methods to Enjoy A Spiritual New Year's Eve

Source | Murilo Folgosi

Source | Murilo Folgosi

To me and may be countless others, the end of year is more than just champagne fizzes and making resolutions.

On a spiritual level, it signifies a moment to pause and think back to all the blessings that the year had brought forth in our lives.

It is a moment to reflect on both positive and painful lessons, review those last goals that were met and a preparation to welcome the new.

By integrating spiritual aspects into the preparation, it helps us to connect with our essence in turn, with the Divine. This end of the year ritual can also inspire us continuously so that it leads us to purpose.

It should be a happier time to reconnect and remind us of our strength to defy even the best new year’s resolutions.

If it has been a challenging year similar to that of a rollercoaster, those dysfunctional moments were needed to spiritually evolve. Use this opportunity for contemplation and gather gratitude as you shift yourself to a positive state after a 2018 reflection.

I share some ideas to assist you add more spiritual vibes to this New Year’s Eve:

1. Start with the small stuff

If you have been putting off the intention that you set forth at the start of the past new moon, it is not too late!

For instance, start with the simple small goals like researching for that trip you wished to travel to or ordering that self-help book to help guide you towards positive transformation. You will at least end the year crossing off that one intention to pave the way for new opportunities.

2. Midnight Meditation

Re-centering and going within can be the perfect way to end the year! This can be accomplished by relaxing in your sacred space and performing a meditation.

This can also be done by yourself or with others; in fact, there are meditation centers and meet-up groups especially held in yoga studios that perform peaceful meditation courses to welcome the new year. If you don’t have access to religious or spiritual centers for such gatherings, consider hosting an intimate, positive gathering with others in the comfort of your home. Make it a peaceful night amongst friends and family to welcome the new year in a very calming state.

3. Enjoy Me Time

Don’t feel bad if you are ringing the New Year on your own! This can be a very positive and tranquil experience for your well-being. Embrace the moment to do something relaxing towards your self-care. Take the time to break out into a dance and look forward to the abundance that awaits you in the New Year. This should not be a time for you to mentally wander into uncertainty or divulge in self-pity. Instead, keep your thoughts positive and healthy. After all, you deserve it!

How ever you choose to celebrate the end of the year festivities, be sure to have a safe, positive and peaceful New Year’s Eve! Until next year, my friends!