How To Be The Best Guest

How To Be The Best Guest | THISWOMANFROMNY

Visiting a friend in a different city or country and was given the welcome mat to their lovely home this holiday season? Are you aware of the customary manners as an honorary guest to their home? Let’s go over some respectable tips to make sure your welcome mat stays for a while:

Ask Questions Beforehand.

Before you accept the invite to a host’s home, ask questions that may be crucial to you.

Here are some examples:

  • Where are the nearest restaurants that they recommend?

  • Is it in a gated community and will I need a special access code?

  • Where are the popular areas to hang out?

  • How’s the weather like around this time? Should I bring all of the winter gear?

Getting all this information in advance will make it convenient for your travel planning assignment.

Don’t Assume.

A week in advance or so, confirm the date and time of your arrival with your host. Be gracious to provide ample notice; do not wait 24 hours in advance to remind the host.

Be punctual.

If you know you are going to be more than twenty minutes late, text or call the host to apologize for the delay and provide an estimated time of arrival. This shows the host that you valued their time.

Bring a gift.

For gifting ideas, see my recommendations below or offer to make your host a lovely breakfast.

They invite you for dinner.

Offer to bring something! Like a wine bottle, prepared side dish or a dessert. One of these items can be brought easily and is most likely within distance from the home. It’s a nice gesture and is guaranteed to make you and the hostess feel good.

Clean Up.

Jump into the dishes or pick up after everyone after a meal. Offer to take out the trash or help with a simple household chore. No one is asking you to be the maid but offering to complete a chore will make you a considerable guest. You are more likely staying there for free so why not?!

Follow the Lead.

I got it. You’re on vacation, but chances are the host may have to get up early for work. So, be considerate when they depart to bed and lower the TV. Also, don’t assume their schedule. The host may be an early riser so find out by asking, “What’s on the schedule tomorrow?”

Leave the Sexy at Home.

Ladies, leave the thong bikini at home. It will be kind of awkward to walk in front of host’s male family member or friend, especially in their home. This can apply to dudes too. *deletes the thought*

After your stay, send a note.

Taking the time to write a thank you message is more heartfelt than expressing your gratitude via e-mail or text. So, hop to Walgreens or your local pharmacy buy a thank you card and use your best handwriting skills. Keep it light and humorous for a more personable approach.


I know. Things happen and emergency can take place. Though it may be inconsiderate, try to inform the host at least 24 hours in advance and if this is not possible, do it as soon as possible. Make up with the host at a future date by offering to buy dinner or sending a gift through the mail.

5 Gift Ideas For Your Host | THISWOMANFROMNY

Make Sure to Get Invited Back! 5 Hostess Gifts for less than USD $15

  1. Household Plant – Aloe Vera, Lucky Bamboo, Lady Palm, Spider Plant, or Chinese Evergreen. These are a few of household plants that help purify the air of the home for a safer and cleaner atmosphere.

  2. Candle – Fresh and simple, a soy candle provides a home an inviting and warm ambient touch. Buy one in a soft color like white, pink, or blue and be sure that scent is wonderful and tolerable to those who are sensitive. If you’re unsure, buy an unscented one.

  3. Coasters– Great for setting drinks on, coasters are awesome for protecting tabletops from the dreaded water rings of cold cups. From bright colors to stone-like textures, coasters come in different styles so choose one that resonates with your host’s style.

  4. Book – Is the host a phenomenal cook? Why not get them a cookbook on appetizers? Are they great mixing a drink or two? Buy them a Cocktail Recipe Book! Learn their interest and go from there.

  5. Gift card to their favorite restaurant!- Let them eat for free on your tab. Who wouldn’t love that?!

  6. BONUS! Hook up your favorite clean green hostess with a eco-friendly Grove Collaborative 5-piece gift set! This company is passionate about the environment and the health impact of others. It is my personal go-to when I need to stock up on my favorite household eco-products!

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