Create A Fitness Habit You Can Stick To

Source | Burst

Source | Burst

The New Moon in Sagittarius brought forth some optimism and fresh beginnings. Since Sadge is astrologically associated to rule the hips and thighs, it would make sense to harness the straightforward energy of the fiery moon to start active fitness regimens that are easily attainable.

So how can you stay consistent so you don’t lose track? Start a game plan that is realistic and structured to fit your existing schedule. Then, once you have your plan constructed, proceed forward with action!

I recently started my regimen combined with clean nutrition and can attest to using practicality towards developing sound habits. Here are a few strategies to help you implement processes that can work for you:

1. Switch It Up Often.

I don’t know about you, but I get BORED often and boredom is typically the offender in a less than dazzling fit wish. It is so easy to get sign up at your local gym and commit to a muscle building regimen the first few weeks. Sadly, we tend to fall back to old ways when we succumb to the usual routine.

On top of that, our muscle memory starts to dwindle because the routine becomes less and less engaging. The flatness prevents you from getting the results you want, which is why it is important to switch up the routine on a monthly schedule. Making changes can be simple, such as adding repetitions or substituting one exercise for another. Get creative and keep it challenging as you get stronger.

2.  Choose a Consistent Time of Day to Get Active.

Some of us are just not the usual morning crowd. Some of us love to be night owls, crunching in our creative flow during the wee hours. So whatever time of day you prefer, set aside 30 minutes to get active and break a sweat. Some folks swear by getting a workout in right before starting their day jobs while others feel more active right after the workday. By choosing a consistent time, you are more likely to stick with it and make getting fit a priority.

3. Designate An Exercise Routine For Each Day.

My typical designation days goes like this:

Monday: Chest/Shoulders

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: Legs and Bum

Friday: Abs

Wednesday/Sunday: Chill day or something light like a brisk walk around the neighborhood

Having a fitness schedule keeps you organized and focus on meeting your goal. So choose a specific body area you wish to work on, on days that are consistent with your schedule. Also, be sure to incorporate rest days in between to allow your body to repair and recover. On some rest days, I choose to do something light just to keep the momentum going but seldom do I workout harder than I should. Longevity and not overextending yourself is crucial.

4. Find Creative Ways to Sneak in Some Exercise.

Almost every office building these days sports both elevators and staircases so opt to take the latter every so often. Not only is it great for toning the legs and glutes, but it is an awesome creative way to break a sweat. So climb the stairs or to make it challenging, skip a step as you ascend and concentrate on the muscle activation or burn. Another way is to bike around town instead of driving your car. Biking is not just limited to being environmentally healthy, it is a legit way to work out, add to your muscle power and get things done.

What can you do during those times where you are watching a show on TV and the extended commercials come on? Use it to complete a round of strength training exercises like push-ups, crunches, or squats. You can burn calories while watching your favorite episode! The creative possibilities are endless.

Creating long-lasting fitness habits doesn’t require a lot of strength to make it happen. With a little effort and practical action, you can make reasonable strides towards your health goals. When progress begins to present itself, you will feel the need to stay committed and find countless reasons to buy more stylish gym clothes!