Now is the Best Time to Lose Weight And Here is Why!

Now is the Best Time to Lose Weight And Here is Why! | THISWOMANFROMNY

I’ve been there before and I’m sure you have too. You diligently exercised and followed a semi-clean diet through winter with plans to unveil your bod for the summer. Only to discover that you haven’t reach your #summerbodgoals quite as much as you wanted to. I’m here to tell you: that is perfectly normal and perfectly ok!

It happens in fact, statistically, people gain weight in the winter! But keep in mind, being healthy does not equal what you read on the scale. It is actually more unhealthy and dangerous being underweight. You are better off maintaining a healthy waist-to-hip ratio instead!

Summer is the best time to lose weight and the reasons doesn’t require you to be a slave to a treadmill and a restrictive diet. Here are a few things to consider so you spend less time superficially thinking and more time livin’ it up!

Many Benefits of Being in Nature

Being outdoors, especially surrounded by the lush and blooming nature, keeps our spirits in a positive mood. The days are longer with the nights being pleasant and warm.

The summer blesses us with the opportunity to go on bike rides, swim in a pool or beach, and take walks amidst the grass and beautiful flowers or the cool sea breezes.

When it is cold, we are less and less interested in being outdoors. We are more likely to stay indoors to avoid the sharp gust of wind. In contrast, when its summer we anticipate the warmth of the Sun and are more likely to want to walk adding to our activity level.

The feel good neurotransmitters known as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine as well as some hormones like melatonin has been known to boost in a positive direction with the change in the circadian rhythms and light exposure. (1) Making us feel happier and healthier!

Unless of course, the sun is boiling and the humidity is stuck on an all time high mode. Still, we wait for the glimpse of the sun rays. As it never fails to revive the positive mood and get us stepping outside to bathe in its glorious rays.

More Vitamin D, Please!

Right now, if you stand outside beneath the summer sun, you are most likely to be blessed with a stream of vitamin D from the exposure. It is wonderful! Considering that you have spent the last quarter of the year shackled up at home away from the cold.

Receiving these rays is very beneficial according to a clinical trial. The study concludes that sun exposure assists your body to use the calories for energy instead of converting it to fat tissue. (2)

Even if you are out and about spending time absorbing the sun’s ray, there is still a chance that you are Vitamin D deficient. In fact according to Mayo Clinic studies, about more than 3 million Americans are deficient of it. The best way to determine your level is by requesting a blood test from your primary physician.

Food Craving Changes

Summer weather changes our eating habits as the foods we crave actually change.

On the other end of the weather spectrum, research has indicated that people eat more calories during the winter. It is in our nature to eat heavier and warmer foods to retain warmth to withstand the cold. (3)

So, it should come as no surprise that blazing weather tends to make us want to eat less and lighter. You should read my previous post on how using the Ayurvedic practice and eating for the season can be beneficial towards supporting your summer diet.

In the summer, naturally comforting foods are the produce that have fewer calories and contain more water:

  • Watermelons

  • Cucumbers

  • Lettuces

  • Berries

  • Tomatoes

Speaking of water, our intake is likely higher due to our innate need to hydrate. Water assists the body by burning more calories regardless of what your activity level is.

Calories are energy and what you eat requires work from your digestion system to get rid of what you ingest. In fact, a few minutes of drinking water, increases your metabolism by 24 to 30 percent! (4)

If your water is pretty bland, you can add summer favorites for flavor like cucumber and berries for a detoxifying effect!

With the bountiful produce, comes the abundance of summer herbs. Studies have indicated that the presence of the fresh, potent scent can trigger satiety hormones encouraging you to eat less. In addition, these herbs are great detoxifiers that can flush your system of heavy metals:

  • Cilantro

  • Mint

  • Tarragon

  • Basil

  • Parsley

Summer herbs deliver a punch of flavor for little calories. For instance, one cup of cilantro has 4 calories! This is great for pestos for pasta and herbal salad dressings for those delicious summer salads.

Here is the permission to be excited about your health this summer. Use the strategies above and live out your healthiest self under the sun with no pressure!

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