The Humbling Joy of Getting Lost

The Humbling Joy of Getting Lost | THISWOMANFROMNY

STORYTIME! With the summer being here, it is always common to associate it with vacations especially with family. I was drawn to share this story about an adventure I took almost seven years ago. It is a story of taking a little risk combined with the joyfulness of getting lost. Please enjoy and be inspired!:

My family and I arrived to Turks and Caicos early that morning as the sun was just rising at the horizon. We were abroad the Holland America cruise ship into the port in the middle of April. The turquoise water was very gentle and crystal clear that day. We were in complete awed at the gleaming beauty.

The music of both the palms swaying and the calypso drums draw us close to the downtown area near the pier. As we were greeted by the locals passing by, we came across a quaint car rental shop.

My dad and I are both adventure seekers and it never fails that one or both would encourage each others to take risks. He was hesitating at first at the idea of renting a car for less than the day, but my innate ability to persuade him did the trick.

I convinced him that we were only there for a few hours and could make back to the pier on time, would be able to see at least good portion of the island because really, where else would we go considering the island’s size. Convinced, my dad and I split the rental cost and jump into an early nineties red hatchback. The car had no A/C but I didn’t care, adventures like these are more than enough luxury for me. Rolling down the windows did just fine.

My mom, who always walks the path of caution, was so annoyed that we ignore her concerns. I turned up the charm factor a little bit higher that day to prove to her, “it is not so bad because look there goes the beach!” She wasn’t that excited.

The neighborhood mascot

The neighborhood mascot

We drove along the main road following the coastline towards the lighthouse. We must have stopped a few times to take in the luscious landscape that was before us. The best part about the drive was not just the scenery but the fact that the traffic was non-existent. It was a serene ride along the beachside as you hear the waves crashing in.

Driving into what appeared to be an abandoned part near the coast was in fact, the old town square. We were greeted by a local on a horse leisurely riding up and down the paved street. Not far from an equine meet and greet, was a long stone wall pier. Not sure of how safe it was, I was determined to walk along the pier.

In that moment, I faced the vast ocean mindfully reminding myself to be grateful for this moment. As simple as it was, to walk along a pier to risk getting lost and losing track of time, I was humbled by the experience before me.

My aim was to get caught up in the vast landscape of creation, to be lost on purpose. It is within this moment I found another puzzle piece of meaning – being lost created an opportunity to count the blessings I would have mindfully ignored. Being lost was the pause I needed.

The wave crashed against the stone walls and wind blows the wisps of my hair away from my face. Time doesn’t exist for me here and it was as though I was hypnotized by the peace surrounding me. I heard my name being called from the distance and as it grew louder, I retreated back to the shore.

Bohio Beach, Turks and Caicos

Bohio Beach, Turks and Caicos

I got back into the car with the family as we drove up to Bohio beach where we relaxed near an island bar stand overlooking the clear blue water and powdery sand. Next, we somehow made it to the lighthouse on the cliff side offering another magical view of the sea. Climbing back into our beloved rental, we drove back the same route we took to make it to the pier on time.

In retrospect, it was such a refreshing adventure to get lost and I am glad that it turned out the way it did. Of course, we are not one to take extreme measures for the sake of fun. We do consider the possibilities of external troubles but we consider them and make a plan to haul butt if need be!

One disclaimer: it is kind of hard to get lost considering how far we have come along from technology and such, but it is possible to take the road less traveled. Doing so requires that you willfully ignore the directions and with a little effort, you can find your own adventure. It is within that adventure that you too would find the humbling joy of getting lost.

Have you ever got lost on purpose? Did it inspire you in some way? Share + comment below!