Top Practical Wellness Gifts For Men For Under $50

Top Practical Wellness Gifts For Men For Under $50 | THISWOMANFROMNY

When it comes to men and gifts,  I am dumbfounded.

For instance, Father's Day is next Sunday and I always think what should I get him this year that he hasn’t gotten already?

He is the kind of guy that typically has everything he needs and then some. So, finding gifts isn’t as easy as I would like it to be.

There is the method of throwing my hands up in the air and saying, “Fine…I give up. I’ll get an Amazon gift card instead!” But doing so, implies to my brain that I didn’t put any thought into.

So, I decided to come up with a more creative way of ensuring that my gift is one of health and practicality. The goal is to make sure that he gets use out of it and that it improves his overall lifestyle.

In this post, I will share some of my favorite wellness gift ideas for men that will be functional and greatly appreciated. Besides, I’m sure he won’t need a paperweight or another tie this time.


Neck Support Travel Pillow

$29.95, suggested retail price

If your guy is an avid traveler or goes on multiple business trips in a year, then he will love this nifty gift the next time he books a flight (or bus or train trip).

Have you ever flown flights and you tried your best to sneak a nap in or two? Have you tried using a neck c-shaped pillow and tried multiple ways to stay comfortable? Don’t you wish you had more support so you don’t wake up with a strained neck? Rest easy. I got you cover.

Turtl Neck Support Pillow is designed to allow you to rest easy as the smooth nap scarf gently supports your neck. The scarf has flexible ribs that ensures that you can comfortably snooze as it supports the weight of your head. Good-bye having to worry about slamming your head on the tray in front of you mid-sleep state.


Napa Soap Company Gift Sets

$44.95, suggested retail price

I always advise women to switch their hygienic products to those that are natural and organic based. Men products are no different!

Many store and brand names create so many cosmetics and hygiene products loaded with harmful and toxic ingredients. Consider this, if the skin is the major organ of the body and it readily absorbs everything; Why slather on a potentially toxic and often mispronounce chemical formula?

Which is why I recommend the Napa Soap company shaving gift set for its natural ingredients and its sensibility. According the brand, one shaving mug has up to year supply of shaving soap. This will save him money from restocking up on shaving cream and gels!

Look at you. All thoughtful and such!


Recoup Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller

$39.99, suggested retail price

Imagine a massage roller and an ice pack combined.

This product works in a unique manner where it uses cold therapy and foam rolling. If you don’t know what cold therapy is, allow me to explain! 

Cold Therapy is use to reduce the metabolic rate and the release the lactic acid within sore muscles. According to the brand, the roller contains a sphere filled with non-toxic gel that can freeze and stay cold for up to six hours.

After a workout, the roller can be used to relieve the inflammation by massaging the roller over muscles. Great for the active guys who lift or perform sprints and is looking for a post-recovery routine method.



$17.00, suggested retail price

If your guy loves puzzles and mental activities, he’ll love this knotty 3-dimensional gift.

Brainstrings was created by a Dutch inventor Guido Lap. The puzzle uses spatial reasoning to challenge your brain. The mission is to slide the elastic bands along the slots of a clear ball without getting caught up in knots.

The puzzle seems pretty durable and easy to handle. It provides plenty of entertainment and should be a great addition for those times he may need a mental pause from working behind a desk.


Grow Your Own Salsa

$12.00, suggested retail price

I love giving quirky gifts that matches personality and this one is sure to please the taco and nacho enthusiast!

Grow Salsa Kit uses a recycled egg carton to house six packets of seeds, soil, and planters to get growing. The seeds include: Verde tomatillos, jalapenos, cilantro, Roma tomatoes, Beefsteak tomatoes, and scallions.

It is a simple gift and includes everything he needs to keep track of the seedling growth. Once sprouted, you transfer the seedlings to bigger pot until fruits and veggies are full grown. Then, harvest and make a mean salsa for warm tortilla chips. My mouth is watering already.


CasusGrills Instant Biodegradable Grill

$12.95, suggested retail price

This eco-friendly grill is sure to please the outdoorsy camper who cares about the environment.

CasusGrills created this instant grill made out of natural design- cardboard frames, bamboo grill grates, and a lining of lava stones. Easy to assemble, this grill will have your food ready in the same amount of time it took its aluminum counterpart.

Best part is that once it is done, you can toss the grill into a campfire or a trash bin and it will naturally decompose.

Buyer’s tip: Through the link, buy three grills for a total of $38.85 (not including taxes) and get free shipping. Totally worth the purchase since summer is destined to promise plenty of cook-outs.


Sunski Sunglasses

$48.00, suggested retail price

These sunglasses are so bright and cool, I may get one for myself!

Sunski is the new take on an old school favorite Wayfarers. They are durable and offer enhanced polarization for better clarity and reduced reflectivity. With the different pops of colors to choose from and the fact they compliment any face shape, you will definitely find one that suits your guy.

Very comfortable to wear and for being polarized, you can’t beat the price either. He will love to sport these Shade blockers on the Gram for sure.

So, what was the best gift you gotten for the man in your life? Were any of these gifts ideas were helpful? Let me know! Share + Comment below!

Note: This post is not sponsored by any of the companies listed here.