Motivating Weight Loss Secrets That Diets Can't Deliver

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Source | Raw Pixel

Some days, I feel amped up and ready to squeeze in a workout before I start my work day. Other days, not so much. I want to curl into bed and have my meals deliver as I catch up on the latest Netflix series.

But on those work-out days, boy do I feel liberated after I leave the gym; sore but feeling like I accomplished a milestone worthy of the Olympic gold medal. I figure if I put in the work, I’ll see and feel the results and those results are what keeps me motivated.

Sometimes that might not mean enough to the next person and that’s okay! Here are some solid and insightful ways to pump up your motivation to lose the weight and be healthier:

Set Real Goals

Even if you have been working out for years or just starting out, always make sure you have a plan and a set of realistic goals that you will be able to meet. When you have realistic goals, you can meet them and begin to connect feelings of success and achievement with working out. Even if it is 10 minutes of jump roping, 50 jumping jacks, 20 reverse lunges, or 5 warrior poses, set goals that you know you can meet, see and feel.

Sneak in an Exercise with No Pressure

Even with all the hours in a day, squeezing in one more task on a busy schedule feels impossible. Instead, make a swap that allows you to exercise all while getting things done. For instance, you typically take the elevator, swap it for the staircase. Instead of driving to a store that is a few blocks away, walk there and enjoy the fresh air. If you can, ride your bike to work- great for your health and the environment!

Your Food and You

I really dislike the word “diet”. In fact, I avoid using the term when I can because I always correlate it with restrictions. Eating healthy shouldn’t be difficult or painful. You just have to have the right education about what your body needs to function at its most favorable state and enjoy the benefits.

If you restrict yourself from certain foods, it can work against you. However, if you gave yourself permission to eat what your body wants and needs, you can remove the need to binge and make unhealthy decisions.

With that said, you do not need to cut carbs in order to release the weight. Fat does not mean you become fat while anything labeled as “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean “healthy.”

In addition, I always suggest readers to seek a functional medicine physician and nutritionist. These professionals can complete a blood test panel to see what nutrients your body is in need of. With guidance, a professional can instruct on what healthy foods to incorporate into your eating plan.

Having a healthy relationship with food means you can still eat and release the weight. The more results you see, the more better you can feel about yourself and stay motivated.

Real Friends Support Each Other

If you connect with others with the same motivating mind-set, you are most likely to feel activated to get started. You will know you are not alone, feel good about your progress, and have massive support from people like you.

When you follow a private online community, one of the benefits is sticking to an effective plan. Research has shown that working with others, knowing you are not alone and having a partner is a very pivotal role in success.

It can be a formidable experience to stay constantly motivated and taking control of your health and weight loss. But, it can be done. Setting a plan, following a nutritional plan and seeking support can help you stay motivated and essentially power towards your goals.

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