How To Make A Creative Workspace Work For You

Source | Raw Pixels

Source | Raw Pixels

Most of us are all familiar with words like creativity, intuition and mindfulness. It seems that everyone these days are honing in on their innate ability to create whether if that is through music or the digital arts. Everyone is tapping into their creative spirit is some way.

But it is not always easy on how to add art into the daily routine. We often tend to get occupied with the mundane that it takes us out of our element especially if we don’t have designated space.

So whether if you’re an experienced artist or someone who just wants to invoke their inner child, the first step is to create a peaceful creative workspace that allows you to decompress.

Having this space will allow you to relax and let your imagination run wild. Here are my tips so that you can magically construct a space worth creating in:

Dedicate a Space Only for Your Art

You might have just a small corner in your apartment or a big space in your flat or house. Whatever the type of space you have available, devote that one area solely for your creative ventures.

Declutter and Clean Out

Like most creatives, I am an ultra-visual person and I am super detailed oriented about my use of decorating. If something is off, I have to address it immediately either by fixing or eliminating the issue. It can throw off my energy field!

So if you’re like me or just very particular about your space, make sure to clean out and completely clear the clutter. Kick out things that do not resonate with your creative spirit. Then dust, wipe up, and organize your space every week.

I like to find organization cases and hat boxes in super bright hues to stow my tools from the local Home Goods or any household stores. Alternatively, the Container Store has some very good, organizational tools to keep you systemize and functional.

Invoke, Captivate, Sensation

When my creative space is clear and organized, I love to use candles and essentials oils to invoke a warm, inviting space. My creative space is an extension of me so providing that peaceful ambience is paramount.

By using warm essential oils throughout the workspace, it freshens up and provides a calming effect. Scents have a way of affecting our abilities and emotions so make it a positive one and opt for soothing scents like lavender or patchouli.

Another way of appealing to the senses is my use of playing my collection of old vinyls on a record player in the background.

I love music of all genres including everything from rock, classical symphonies, hip-hop, to jazz. Since music is a creative outlet, it is exactly the kind of energy I love to work with when I am in my creative mode.  

Treat Your Tools Well

As a writer, it is a requirement to have a thousand pens. I’m kidding.

It is a requirement to have at least a few pens that actually work. This will allow me to ink the best entries! The point is that you want to regularly update and/or clean your tools as needed.

If you’re a sculptor, clean off your rasp after each use. If you’re a drawing artist, toss that broken no-lead pencil. Avoid keeping these items around that are not functional to you. Or leaving dirty tools around; respect its energy and take care of it.

Be Visually Inspired

Much like a vision board, I have a collage of pictures of artists who I love posted around my creative workspace. Carlos Santana, Prince, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Elizabeth Taylor. These are the people that inspired me to be great.

So, stay in full on inspiration mode and focused on your goals by posting images or quotes that relate to you.

It reminded me of a book I read many years ago called “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon and in the book, the author describe how nothing is ever truly original.

It also stated that creative work was started by what was done in the past; even the legendary greats followed, studied, and even may have copied their inspirations.

Here is the green light to celebrate those famous inspirations!

Stay Lit

You can work in the dark if you want but your eyeballs will pay in the end! So, make sure your workspace is not only functional but properly lighted.

I prefer more natural light so I position my creative workspace near the window for the sunlight. Plus, the added bonus is that the sunlight boosts the mood so that is always a great effect when you’re harnessing that creative energy.

Lastly, make sure your creative workspace is clear of distractions. These include television, social media, and emails. Set aside a designated hour or two solely for your creative work and give it the undivided attention it is entitled to!