Perfect Crystals to Take on Vacation

Perfect Crystals to Take on Vacation | THISWOMANFROMNY

When most folks go on vacation, the typical things to stash in the suitcase are: clothes, undergarments, swimwear and toiletries. While these things are a necessity, I suggest stowing in a few more things- healing crystal stones!

These stones should not be underestimated as they are little reminders of intentions and self-care. You can pop them in your carry-on or your back pocket. Then on your quiet nights in the hotel room, meditate with them for peace and grounding.

Here are my three stones to keep you relaxed even on vacation mode and discover their unique uses:

Rose Quartz


The beloved pink stone is the chief representative when it comes to pure love and compassion. The stone is capable of transmuting anger and frustration into peace and happiness.

It is also popular among those who seek unconditional love, so if a summer love affair is something you are after I suggest wearing the stone close to your heart. Or for a lovely inner glow, keep it near your cosmetics as you put on your make-up before heading out for a night out to town!

Use the rose quartz to serve as a reminder to always act in good intention, forgiveness and love and release the tension that can no longer serve you before you depart for your trip.

Hold the stone tight, close your eyes and imagine a pink light glowing from your hands and into your heart as it emanates deep within. In no time, you’ll be responding to life with love. Amore!



The one soothing stone I keep close to my heart. I have a friend of mine who is a master psychic capable of channeling and tuning in to different frequencies. She is an empath that swears by this stone. So much so, that she keeps it tucked in her bra.

For her, the amethyst provides her spiritual protection as she is out and about doing her errands. Which makes sense because the purple amethyst stone is a powerful protective stone that shields from negative energy. Besides no one wants the toxic activity ruining your spa vibes while you are on vacay!

Amethysts are typically used for meditation as it helps to increase awareness and tap into your intuition. When you need a zen pick me up as you wait for your plane or standing in line, focus your attention holding the stone. The stone will calm your spirit and transmute any anxious feelings.



This golden yellow stone symbolizes abundance and it is typically a magnet for it! In fact, I have used this stone tucked in my wallet for a month and have been pleasantly surprised to attract income with little to no work.

Since you will be away on vacation, chances are you going to be depleted from the all the fun, but necessary expenses. Although it can be stressful knowing that, use citrine to soothe the financial woes.

Now, I am not saying that using the crystal is your answer to your budget but placing a citrine stone in your suitcase can assist you to attract prosperity.

As it turns out, its yellow color also symbolizes happiness so keep it close to spread and attract those cheerful vibes!

This is the kind of vibe you are going to want to keep beyond your vacation!

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