Embracing Solitude: How It Helped Me

 Source | Bruce Mars

Source | Bruce Mars

As humans we always seem to crave for the love from people we care about on the deepest levels. We truly long for acceptance with zero judgment. Even the interaction is desirable because the thought of connecting is nourishing for the soul if the bond is powerful towards our personal growth.

It gives us peace with our love and attention is met with kindred souls. But, few are willing to meet those same feelings when left alone in solitude. For as long as I could remember solitude has always been my safe haven especially when the creativity struck and went into overdrive. As an adult, I would begin to long for an interaction outside myself and started to repel from solitude.

Guided by external influences, I did my best to avoid being alone. Only to my detriment did I realize how little I got done with regard to my inner soul work. In retrospect, most of the experiences were not in vain but it did give me a gilded appreciation towards going back to my childhood roots of embracing solitude.

Solitude is indeed a blessing but you have to choose to see it. After all, one of the aspects about the third dimensional life is perception.

When we are surrounded by the constant chatter of voices and the casual mundane conversation with others, it can get pretty intense and draining. We are caught up in expectations about situations that do little to how our inner self perceives things. We are tangle in other people’s web of thoughts and ideas.

If we are not taking our mind, body and soul into account on a day-to-day basis, we can lose our way. It happened to me. I was so sidetracked with pleasing acquaintances whom I naïvely assume would be lifelong friends; only to lose them due to egos, spiritual/religious differences and disagreements. My focus was solely on helping and communicating with others that I forgot to take care of myself, holistically.

I realized I had to distant and close off from acquaintances respectfully in order for me to embrace my next step: renewing solitude. I used the space alone to discover myself with three eyes. It taught me so much more about my patterns, my desires to help and my unhealthy ability of keeping toxic people around me. I needed that time alone.

Can’t alone be a little lonely? Absolutely; there’s no question about that! But, the real question is: are we ever truly lonely? Spiritually, I felt more love, gratitude, peace, humility and forgiveness being in solitude than had I been chasing people to stay in my life. It is experience that continues to bring blessings, self-discovery and awareness on how to live fully.

Does this mean that I will embrace solitude for life? Perhaps. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it. On the other end of the spectrum, I am open-minded to the possibility of connecting with like-minded beings. But until then, I will use the solitude to my advantage and continue to feel rejuvenated during my journey.

The next time you found yourself alone, ask how this time can be advantageous towards you. You can be in the middle of writing in your journal or watching television. Write a list of ideas so when you are ready to share with the world, you are better prepared and feel less discouraged.

Understand that people go through their seasons in life and not everyone will connect with you at your level and that is okay! We also tend to associate solitude with the dark and lonely place but that is further from the truth.

Solitude is the spirit of your soul that requires harmony and balance. No need to be afraid of that!