Electromagnetic Field Radiation: Is Your Cell Phone Putting You At Risk?



Wireless phones emit it. So does most smart technology devices.

It’s the unseen force known as Electromagnetic field radiation or EMFs. Most modern technological devices are constantly emitting radiation 24 hours a day even when it is not in use!

The biological effects with cell and cordless phone radiation can start within minutes of being exposed. This is just a part of why we should be concern about the levels of EMFs happening all around us today.

Consider this: Dr. Suleyman Kaplan published research studies that demonstrated the damaged brain development in the offspring of prenatally exposed test subjects. In 2011, Dr. Nora Volkow’s research study showed that increased glucose metabolic activity in the brain after cell phone use. Both cases are considerably disturbing.

According to a French government report, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) disclosed that if you place a cell phone at body contact you can exceed radiation limits up to astonishing 9 times the US FCC limits after testing hundreds of cell phones!

The popular smartphone device, iPhone instructs its users to keep the phone “When using iPhone near your body for voice calls or for wireless data transmission over a cellular network, keep iPhone at least 15 mm (5/8 inch) away from the body”.

Most smartphones and wireless devices come with manuals indicating the radio frequency emissions. It is important to do your research about your device and read the fine print. The Environmental Health Trust has been useful providing readers with just that.

Every wireless device is a two-way microwave radio that sends and receives data in the form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. This type of radiation derives from machines and it is millions of times higher than the natural EMFs. Our grandparents weren’t even exposed to this type of radiation.

Cell phones seems to be the least of our worries. Cell phone towers are popping up. A powered cell phone is always searching and checking in to maintain connection from the nearest tower. When this happens, the tower sends intense bursts of radiation several times per second.

But, this is not just limited to cell phones! Any wireless device like laptops, tablets, appliances even baby monitors are constantly checking in as well.

Below is a map of the cell phone towers in my area. As you can see, these towers are everywhere! To view, the nearest cell phone towers near you check out the website, Cell Reception.

Source | CellReception

Source | CellReception

What is alarmingly is that there seems to be fewer scientists exploring the EMF issue; in fact, there seems to be fewer solutions for how to educate the consumers on how to effectively block EMF from transmitted into their home.

Unfortunately with the rise of progressive technology, avoiding EMFs may be hard to do as you go on about your day. Most of these devices we heavily depend on for communication, information and organization.

What can we do to find ways to block EMF without separating ourselves from the world? There are ways with a few simple measures to consider and below, I will show you how:

1. Hyperaware

Be aware of the sources near you that are emitting EMFs; doing so, can significantly decrease your risks. Do not use your cell phone, laptop or wireless routers if it is not necessary. Unplug them when not in use. Make your bedroom an oasis and designate it as an electronic free zone. You’ll definitely get a better night’s rest!

 I have done this before and yield greater results sleeping in the dark with minimal light interference as well. If you must have your phone as an alarm to get you up in the morning, consider placing the phone on airplane mode while you sleep. Should you need it for emergency calls through the night, keep the darn thing away from your bed and nightstand.

2. Journal

Have you gotten any headaches or muscle strains at certain times of the day? Do you have trouble sleeping more than usually? Keep a journal of all these symptoms and after some time, recognize the patterns and how they relate to your wireless exposure. This will give you a preventative head start so that you can practice blocking EMF before the symptoms continue or worsen.

3. Use Protection

There are an assortment of EMF protection shields on the market that caters for homes and offices. I recommend placing an EMF elimination shield in every room in the house. If that is not possible, place them in places where you spend the most time in- the bedroom.

There are EMF shields you buy for your devices as well; I recommend Doctor Life's Anti-Radiation Shield for your handheld device like smartphones. Also, you can use healing crystals like Orgonite, Black Tourmaline, Lodestone, and Amazonite to ward off EMFs. 

To read more about Electromagnetic Field Radiation and more ways to heal yourself after exposure, check out my previous post. In the meantime, protect the ones you care about and share this article with your family and friends!