35 FREE Activities To Do for the Long Weekend

Source | Belle Co.

Source | Belle Co.

Saturday is here and so is the start of the three day weekend courtesy of the Labor Day observance!

Ever had some time off and find yourself amidst the “unplanned downtime”? Unplanned downtime is when you didn’t fill that weekend plan with a fun and healthy activity because well, you didn’t plan it.

What about certain activities that demands too much of your budget and you need an activity to “pad” an extended weekend? Well, you’re in luck because here is a list of 35 FREE things to do while you enjoy the time off without spending a dime:

1. Visit a local beach or a lake; particularly those that are less popular or unknown by visitors.
2. Read a book you own that you have put off and skip the magazines especially on the sands of suggestion #1.
3. Sign up for a free class. Google some available free creative classes within the area. It would be a great opportunity to network with other locals.
4. Play some mini-board games. Is the weather messing with your vibe? Kill some time by playing mini-board games with your buddy. Mini-board games are available at most retail stores.
5. Go swimming. Need I say more?!
6. Sunbathe. Wear sunscreen and limit your sun exposure time to no more than 3 hours.
7. Go sightseeing. Most sites don’t require an admission ticket. Research on the internet on free visiting areas in your hometown.
8. Visit a local park or playground.
9. Use YouTube videos to tape a candid karaoke sesh. Bored? Why not make a video? Keep it G-rated please.
10. Bring your adult coloring book and color pencils by the poolside. Shade in the colors of the sunset while watching the sunset!
11. Visit a museum on a free day. Call the local museum front desk to inquire when to visit.
12. Go hiking.
13. Bring the spa to your hotel room. Put together your favorite spa essentials for a relaxing self-care routine.
14. Photograph the local sights especially the city nightlife.
15. Practice yoga.
16. Write in your journal. Express some gratitude and practice mindfulness.
17. Go on a walking tour.
18. Volunteer for a local organization.
19. Get moving and do some exercise.
20. Write a short letter on a postcard.
21. Take a bubble bath.
22. Put on some music and dance.
23. Window shop at the local stores and town centers.
24. Be a kid again and build a fort.
25. Gaze at the stars.
26. Write a poem or short story. Use your time off as the inspiration.
27. Eat breakfast outdoors while watching the sunrise.
28. Practice origami.
29. Make a new board (or reorganize boards) on Pinterest using your inspiration pictures.
30. Browse the local farmers market.
31. Go to a free event.
32. Explore the downtown area of the city.
33. Go for a drive.
34. Practice a new language.
35. Start a podcast and if you need inspiration, check out Ash and I’s show, Soul Gab!

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the break and stay safe!