I Colored My Hair Purple and Here's What Happen

An Arctic Fox Hair Color Review

Before in Natural Black

Before in Natural Black

For years, I wanted to dye my hair a funky color of purple but upon reading reviews about hair color brands I was conflicted on my final decision. In addition, I was traumatized since 2001. That year, I had the awesome idea to go blonde, but it came with a huge salon price tag and a massive loss of hair. I failed to mentioned to the hair colorist that I had plans to straighten my hair with a chemical process. A few days later, I used an at-home relaxer from a box. After all, it wasn’t first time that I used the straightening chemical.

When the timing was up, I hurried to the shower to rinse off the product. But, the product wasn’t the only thing that was rinsing off. Clumps of my hair were peeling off from the scalp as if it had melted. Some of the stands were stringy and snapped off with little effort. I was beyond devastated and crying as I witnessed my long hair destroyed by my mishap.

I avoided using chemicals for years; turning away from dyeing or chemically processing my hair because of the mistake.

However, I was always intrigued about using this funky color. Mostly because since I was born, my mother preferred to dress me in her favorite color, purple over the cliché baby pink. The color stuck as I always gravitate towards the spiritual color and it became a desire of mine to dye my hair in the color eventually.

Change of (Purple) Heart

Finally after about several years later, I decided to take the leap and try this bleaching thing again. Mostly because I knew that if I desired a bright purple hue, I would have no choice but to succumb to bleaching my naturally raven curly hair. For about a week or so, I tended to my hair- moisturizing and brushing it using a protective hairstyle. I also used warm avocado oil every other day for my ends because my hair is a bit dry and limited the use of elastic bands.

I do want to stress that there is no “healthy chemical-free” way to bleach hair, you’ll have to bleach it with a chemical for a desirable effect. For the best hydrating bleaching at-home experience, my sister recommended that I use Color Brilliance by Ion’s sensitive scalp crème developer in 30 volume with Color charm by Wella Powder Lightener. These two mixed together gently lifted my natural hair color from black to a golden honey blond in about 45 minutes flat. After a rinse, I gently brushed my hair with coconut oil and a protein-based cream and re-braided my hair in time for bed.

Arctic Fox Purple Rain & Violet Dream | THISWOMANFROMNY

The next day, I sought out to use a brand that was vegan and cruelty-free. I thought about using the brand, Manic Panic but decided to go with Arctic Fox instead. Initially, I brought three types of purple, all in 4 ounce bottles: Girl’s Night (Lavender), Violet Dream (Medium Purple), and Purple Rain (Dark, Bright Purple). My plan was to dye it in a gradient fashion, starting with the lightest color at the root to the deepest color towards the end of the shaft. But upon application, the Girl’s Night was a little too light and was not visible on my bleached roots. I would imagine this pastel hue would work on near white, ultra bleached hair instead.

Since I needed my sister’s help with the length of my hair, she dyed the roots to mid-shaft with Violet Dreams and finish it with Purple Rain. I used about 75% of both bottles for my waist-length hair. After saturating my hair in purple decadence, I sat with my hair color on for 3 ½ hours uncovered. Once I was ready to rinse, I did so using cold water only until the water was near cleared. The best part is that the product has a built-in conditioner so you don’t have to use shampoo and conditioner like a typical hair coloring product. After the rinse, my hair was so soft and vibrant. The colors mixed well and the purple shading is perfect.

Few close-ups, both with my hair down and in an updo

Lucyfera's Lavender "Crown" | THISWOMANFROMNY


Overall, I am ecstatic about my new color. It is now going to be my go-to shade until my grays come in then I will probably go the pastel route.

Even my dog, Lucyfera got in on the action! No worries! It is totally safe, gmo-free and toxic-free on the puppers. Check out her cool lavender hue on top of the crown! 

I am very pleased with the outcome and I highly recommend this product to anyone who desires a no-fuss approach to at-home vivid hair coloring.  Plus at a reasonable cost, its vegan formula, and the fact that it donates 15% of its profits to save animals, who can beat that?!

Note: This post contain affiliate links. I am not sponsored by Arctic Fox, Ion, or Wella to write this review. Thank you for reading!