3 Ways To Blissfully Ease Yourself into the Autumn Equinox

Source | Jackson Jorvan

Source | Jackson Jorvan

Autumn has got to be my most favorite season next to winter. Back home in New York as a child, I used to love the changing of the leaves as the colors of gold, red, and brown victoriously crowned each tree branch. It was the visual representation I needed to boldly announce the fall season as the soft cool whispers of the wind begin to breeze in.

The Autumn equinox for my Eastern part of the hemisphere commences tonight at 9:45 PM (EST). It marks a period of when both the North and South hemispheres will experience equal amount of daylight. It is the beginning of when the days will begin to shorten towards the start of the Winter Solstice at the end of December. The equinox also allows us to be aware of not only the changes in the season but the changes in our routines. Here are three ways to blissfully ease yourself into the equinox:

Start the days with detoxification and warm notes of hydration.

If you haven’t already incorporated this into your morning practice, I highly recommend that you do so: Grab a mug of warm spring water with a squeeze of lime. This simple concoction is deliciously detoxifying to your organs, especially to the liver. It gently “awakens” your inner body as it flushes out toxins with the help of the kidneys. Drinking water on an empty stomach increases your metabolic rate by at least 24% (1). An increased in the metabolic rate translates to an improved digestive system and better absorption of nutrients.

If you are an avid warm drinker, chances are you drink teas and coffees. While I do not recommend excessive coffee drinking, tea is a much better alternative to keep you warm in the coming cooler months. So consider consuming a few herbal teas in place of the typical cup of joe! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Cinnamon: This fall favorite is great for lowering blood sugar glucose. Buy high quality cinnamon sticks and place a few in a saucepan of water. Bring it to a boil and serve warm. The tea is naturally sweet so there is no need for a sweetener.

Red clover: The luscious flowering herb has been long associated with prosperity and protection. It is a detoxifier that cleanses your liver. Add the herb to your daily warm water and lime to stimulate the cleansing process.

Ginger root: This versatile healing herb can be purchase organic and be brought to a boil whole. If it is not organic, be sure to peel it before dropping it in a simmering saucepan.

Source | EverMine Blog

Source | EverMine Blog

Get in the kitchen and whip up something!

To honor the season, try your hand at making a delicious vegan pumpkin cake or cinnamon rolls. If baking isn’t your thing, perhaps you can create this decadent autumnal sangria (as seen on the right). Fall represent a time of cooler evenings so warmth in the form of food and drinks are always the go-to things to seasonally gravitate towards.

Get creative and use the time to balance a nourishing full body detox with fresh produce from your kitchen counter or a simple water fast. After the summer soirees of decadent foods and desserts, your body may need a thorough cleanse from the barbeque overload, smoldering cocktails and/or sumptuous dessert feasts. Take the time to relax and bring awareness to your health.

To take the creativity on another level outside of the kitchen, consider getting a little crafty. Have you been putting off that crocheting or needlepoint? What about that pencil drawing you were working on some months back?

Get back into it or visit a seasonal craft show for inspiration. By stimulating our creativity, it can bring feelings of nourished love and autumnal warmth to our hearts. So use the time to slow down, get creative and share some of those crafted goods you created.

Restart those resolutions with a punch of positivity

Resolutions have been long associated with the New Year but you don’t have to wait three months from now to set them! Set positive affirmations now to bring balance to your spirit during this season. Think gentle and wholesome intentions that vibrate with you on a spiritual level. Even the act of partaking in a cleansing detox like the one mentioned earlier, is a resolution. If you need more ideas, consider the following to guide you:

  • Take more time to meditate with zero distractions

  • Commit to turning off your phone at a decent time to get more rest before bedtime

  • Take a relaxing neighborhood walk during the sunset

  • Bundle up in your cozy blanket to catch up on some book reading

  • Keep a journal at your bedside to recount five things you are grateful for every night

Setting more positive oriented affirmations and resolutions will give you the boost you need to assert your intentions. This practice will assist your entire body as you ease into the new season and cycle of routine.

May this information invoke a transformation within as we transition into this luxurious season. Take note of how this equinox affects you on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Use these observations to assist you on your personal growth and most of all, enjoy the season and live out every moment fully breathing in one breath at a time.

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