Five Things Happy People Would Never Do

Source | Helena Lopes

Source | Helena Lopes

What truly makes a person generate so much happy vibes that nothing seems to make them mad? Well, it could be a lot of variables but there are things that a happy person chooses not to do to. If maintaining happiness is part of your 2019 plans, expect to be enlighten with these insights so you too can vibe on those cheerful frequencies!

1. Undervalue who they are

True happiness can be fulfilled when we choose to live in the spirit of what our minds, bodies and souls yearn for. Like most people, I remember spending my pre-teens into my early twenties trying to overcome my insecurities by constantly reinventing myself on the outside.

I must have dyed my hair so many colors of reds and browns and switched up my fashion style to follow trends that were unflattering. White high top platforms and pastel hued flared pants. Ugh.

In retrospect, I don’t remember ever feeling truly happy with myself at the time. I was constantly caught up with how the world viewed me. Now in my thirties, I learn to be good to myself. I stopped following trends since my late twenties and I found a style that speaks to my personality.

I gave myself permission to stop obsessing about how I looked. I added value to other things rather than the external factors- like expanding my knowledge about random subjects, learning new skills, and picking up new hobbies. Acknowledging who you are and what kind of values you represent can revive inner happiness.

2. Take part in the drama

Since the beginning of human interaction, there was and will always be drama. But, what you want to stay away from are associations, "friendships" and "relationships" (including "situationships") that are consistent, heavily toxic, and draining. Opt for securing meaningful relationships that are supportive and spiritually elevating.

Instead of cutting ties with everyone who you deem heavily toxic, take a step back and establish whether or not if this demanding relationship is providing steady healthy benefits to you that outweigh the cons. If not, distant yourself.

If you find yourself missing that part of the relationship, revisit and bring it back into your life again but a little at a time. Your goal is to maintain happiness by rebuilding it in a positive way!

3. Wallow in regret

It’s natural to want to reflect back on our own experiences and regret the decisions we made after experiencing the consequences; especially those consequences that left a brutal mark in our memory.

The last thing you would want to do is oppressed the memories. That would just leave you enslaved to cycles of resentment. Instead, acknowledge the feeling and try to learn from it.  

I’ve spent countless energy regretting certain decisions I made back in the day. But in retrospect, all of those experiences were needed for me to grow and it is through this that I became grateful. The past has a way of bringing you into the present. Be thankful for those mishaps that allowed you to flourish to who you are now.

4. Ignore that happiness comes from within

Making strides and achieving goals are great but seldom does it guarantee true happiness. All those external comforts like a luxurious cashmere blanket you gifted yourself for a job well done is lovely but those external comforts depend on an external declaration.

It is unreasonable not to mention unrealistic to equate happiness with material gain or status accomplishments. Happiness starts and ends with you.

Focus on your qualities and associated positive, happy thoughts to them. It is a process but is one that is rewarding and there is no better self-care practice than that!

5. Compare themselves to everyone

I’m sure you have heard of the saying, “Stay in your own lane.” The expression is simply honest because the need to self-compare is so dangerous to your mentality. It can create an addiction to constantly compare yourself to others and it is doubly destructive when you allow social media to dictate your livelihood.

Now, that is not a direct slam toward social media. Hell, I love social media from a professional perspective. But, the need to constantly compare with unrealistic lifestyles can disrupt you on your path towards destiny. So, fall in love with your OWN quirks, gifts and experiences.

You are unique and that uniqueness is needed in this world today. You are the only person responsible for your happiness so try to practice that every damn day!

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