Bite Your Way Out of Anxiety With These Calming Foods

Source | Ray Piedra

Source | Ray Piedra

The gut to brain connection is so important that research is looking into how the two interrelate. It should be no surprise by now that the foods we eat directly affect how we think. How many times have you indulge in something that was so delicious and you felt the surge of happiness? Exactly my point.

There is concrete evidence to support that the even the slightest irritation in the digestive tract can send alert signals to the central nervous to trigger a mood change. Why not use foods as an arsenal to combat mental weariness? Let’s take a look on how to fight anxiety eating foods that produce tranquility:

1. Oysters

These ocean dwellers are packed with zinc which is important for those who suffer from anxiety. Researchers believe that people who suffer from anxiety and depression have low levels of zinc in their diets and may be deficient of the mineral. Consuming about six oysters contain over 30 mg of it which is three times the recommended daily minimum amount. Get your seafood on by adding them to linguini pasta or a paella dish.

2. Fish

I think it is safe to say that ocean life has the most calming availabilities known to man! Fish like salmon, anchovies, and sardines carry a few anti-anxiety properties. For starters, these fish contain the essential fatty acids known as the Omega-3. The Omega plays a pivotal role in easing depression and anxiety symptoms. Some of them contain an essential acid like lysine; L-Lysine may affect the neurotransmitters that are involved with stress and anxiety and decrease the stress hormone known as cortisol.

3. Spinach             

This dark emerald green leaf is rich in magnesium which is a very potent calming mineral. Some studies have demonstrated that an increased magnesium intake with other therapies like a multivitamin regimen will produce anti-anxiety effects. I tend to use this rich green as a smoothie in the morning. The taste alone can be quite earthy so I combined a handful with pineapple or a banana to sweeten.  

4. Fermented foods

Deep within our digestive tracts are microscopic bacteria that protect our gut health. These bacteria are what make up our flora which is also known as the microbiome. Recent studies have shown that these bacteria can turn the switch on when it comes to the central nervous system which affects the mental space in our heads. To add some crucial vitamins to the flora, consider fermented foods. A study discovered that the participants who ate more fermented foods experienced less social anxiety. Add fermented goodies into your diet like kefir, miso, kimchi, yogurt, and tempeh.  

5. Cashews

Known for that distinct half-moon shape, cashews are seeds that are high in zinc which is wonderful for fighting the anxiety blues. They also contain potent antioxidants which are great for bone and connective tissue health. An ounce serving contains about 14% of the recommended zinc intake. Cashews are so convenient to snack on when you are on the go. Alternatively, you can substitute your peanut butter for decadent, silky smooth cashew butter instead. It is so easy to make too! Here’s my favorite recipe from Loving It Vegan.

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