50 Side Hustle Ideas To Invite Financial Abundance

Source | Pixabay

Source | Pixabay

How many times have you thought “ I wish I could buy that new (FILL IN WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES!)…if I had the MONNNEY!”

We all been there so how about doing something about it! How can you start building a little spending money? Look for creative ways to make money without having to do much. Maximize your earning potential by combining multiple streams of income and you too will qualify as a Budget Baller. Insert B-boy stance. 

Below are fifty ways to take action and manifest a little more abundance in your life:

Make money online

1.Sign up for Inbox Dollars and use the free coupons. I have been using Inbox Dollars for the past two years now and this website is legit. After some time of consistent use, I was able to snag a thirty dollar paycheck just for doing a few surveys a week, using their search tool box, and watching quick videos.

They are other ways of earning for example using their coupons. For every coupon you redeem, you get $.10 back! You’ll receive a free $5 USD bonus just for signing up through my link!

Another survey website that seems to be just as lucrative is SmartBosses.club. It is totally verifiable and legitimate. Huge corporations need your feedback about their products and are willing to pay big sums of money for it. Start your journey today and make some extra cash!

2.Proofread and edit articles. Many bloggers need a fresh pair of eyes to review their content before they published. If editing is your niche, why not offer your services online? You can sign up for such websites like Freelancer or Fiverr to get you started by posting your promotion.

3.Write material for others. If you have articles that you have written before you can sign up for Freelancer to get some work from potential employers. But say that you don’t have any experience, you can sign up for free blogging websites to get started on crafting your art by writing and posting topics you are comfortable talking about.

4.Forum moderator. These are the folks who oversee the communication activity in a website’s forum. If there is one you frequent often, you can e-mail the forum administrator to see if they are hiring so you can get paid!

5.Become a virtual assistant (VA). Many businesses particularly those online need the help of a personal assistant. The virtual assistant is able to work under an employer for one specific project or make be responsible for a collection of tasks as hire. Because there is a competition, marketing yourself is doubly important so that you stand out.

I suggest using social media, like LinkedIn, as your vehicle to get your name and services out there to potential employers. Also, honing in on a niche that can make you stand out from the pool of VAs will be extremely beneficial.

6.Help others with their resumes and cover letters. Are you good at constructing great resumes and compelling cover letters? Use your skills to make money. Market to college and vocational students- post an ad on a college campus.

7.Become a social media manager. You like to post on Instagram? Are you super creative using a combination of Photo Editing apps? You can put those skills to work for you by becoming a social media manager. Keep in mind that this is a popular type of job that requires not only a keen eye on creativity but a marketing strategy to continually attract organic followers. If you apply the principles, you can be very successful at this!

8.Or get paid to post on social media. One company called Izea pays you make money by posting advertisements on your accounts. Easy to use, free to sign up with no introductory fees. If this sounds appealing, you can sign up here.

9.Get paid $10 to review a websiteUser Testing is a website that pays you to review and test websites. For mobile testing, you get paid $15 per review. Technical skills are not needed but valuable feedback from real testers is desirable for the job!

Another way, is to complete surveys using Inbox Dollars as aforementioned or my favorite, American Consumer Surveys- Get Paid For Your Opinion right now!

10.Create and/or maintain websites. Are you tech savvy and can create a functional website? You can charge others for your creations and/or site maintenance.

11.YouTube videos. Make cash posting informative YouTube videos and using an advertising service. Even if you’re camera shy, you can create awesome videos in a manner of minutes without your lovely presence. Don’t know where to start? A lot of videos are available that practically walk you through on how to make money easily.

12.Use your Fitbit device! See the post on my former blog, THATWOMANFROMNY on how to make some cash!

Get a side hustle

13.Make money going to the movie theaters. Become a certified field associate in the movie industry. You don’t a fancy degree to become one! Sign up with Market Force Information and apply on-line. Within a week or so, due to verification and a quick background check, I got simple assignments like patron counts where before the movie starts you do a quick head count of how many people are in the theater! There are other assignments like setting up promotional sets and stands but that’s up to you if you wish to sign-up for the assignment.

14.Bartend. If you have some experience, consider using your skills for weekend events like weddings and birthdays. Or consider getting a part-time job at a restaurant to cash in on the tips.

15.Tutor what you know. Teach children or young adults to read or develop other skills. Set-up a profile on Care to attract potential parents or clients who are in need of your services. This allows you to set your own schedule and price.

16.Work some extra hours during the holiday season. Most retailers look for temporary employees especially around the busiest months for the extra help on restocking inventories and obtaining sales. Consider the major job search engines during the end of the year.

17.Work the front desk at the local hotel. Or any jobs in the hospitality sector like motels, hostels, or resorts. With so many to choose from, the perks of working for the companies may open doors for snagging incentives.

18.Provide guided tours. Are you very knowledgeable about the town or city you live in? Perhaps providing a tour to outside travelers may be your calling. Plus, this is a win-win situation where you can meet other folks and potential friends from around the world.

19.Deliver the print. Great for the early birds, delivering newspaper can be a profitable side hustle.

20.Pet sit. Like Care, Sitter City for Pet Caregivers allows you to set up a caregiver profile so that you can provide a pet sitting service where you set your price and availability.

21.Become an Uber or Lyft Driver. Like or don’t mind driving around? Why not make money driving folks from place to place?

22.Deliver goods. With so many things to deliver like groceries, flowers, even takeout, you can cash in the endless possibilities and tips.

23.Teach a language. Are you bilingual or multilingual? Post an ad on social media or any ad service to attract potential clients. You can meet up at local places like cafes for one-on-one lessons and charge hourly or by session.

24.Clean house. Clean homes, rooms, or office spaces and charge by the hour or per project.

25.Start a side business. Do you sew, bake, or just like to create things? Sell your creations online using the Etsy platform. Market your product on the site’s boards and use your social media profile to attract customers.

26.Mow the lawns. Maintain your neighbors’ lawns by mowing, cleaning up debris, and killing weeds for a set charge.

27.Walk dogs. If you love the furry babies and want to get your exercise in while making some extra cash, consider this gig.

28.Groom pets. If you don’t mind washing and grooming pets, this gig may be for you. This job is especially cool if you can go mobile providing this service.

29.Babysit children. Offer to babysit your family or friend’s child(ren) for those random weekend nights.

30.Furniture assembly. Lend a hand to someone who needs that table or entertainment center assembled. Charge per piece or per hour.

31.Become a mystery shopper. Get paid to provide feedback from restaurants and stores. To become a shopper, click here.

32.Wash cars. Make your business online via the social network if cars are your thing.

33.Side photography. If photography is your hobby and you own a professional SLR camera, considering providing your services to events like weddings, birthdays, and other parties.

34.Ghostwrite academic papers. Are you a student who is great at writing papers? Ghostwrite for fellow students! Set a charge per project or per words.

35.Become an assistant for a teacher. Offer to grade papers and assignments. Or help prepare the curriculum and address any details the teacher might have missed out.

36.Apply make-up. If you’re known to have a great hand at applying makeup why not lend a hand to help someone’s make-up? Charge them hourly or per session and be rate accordingly especially if you are not licensed. With that said, use the client’s make-up stash and do not cross-contaminate sharing cosmetics.

37.Fashionista Extraordinaire. Provide your fashion expertise to someone who needs help deciding what to wear for work or a special occasion. Help create outfits using staples they may have already have on hand.

38.Provide music or vocal lessons. If you have skills on the bass guitar or have skills in vocal training, this would be a great gig to get paid at teaching others what you love.

39.Presentations. If you are savvy at creating compelling Powerpoint or Prezi presentations, this is another gig worth looking into.

40.House sit. Your neighbor is going away on vacation. Offer to house sit! You can literally stay in their home or make visits during the day to ensure that the home is safe. Charge a fixed daily rate for your service.

41.Computer “doctor”. Are you technical savvy and hands-on? Can you fix computers? If so, market to potential customers on Facebook. You can make as much as $200 to $1000 per project depending on the service and the labor.

42.Repurpose. Have old furniture like an armchair that you repurpose to look brand new? Sell your pieces for some extra bucks!

Sell your stuff

43.Sell your e-book. Do you have a manuscript that you can turn into a book? Make profits on your digital book and sell on Gumroad.

44.Clean out your closet. Sell your gently worn and clean clothes and/or accessories on Poshmark. Interact with like-minded sellers just be careful not to splurge on someone else’s closet. The idea is to make money!

45.Sell toilet paper rolls. Recycle by collecting toilet paper rolls after use and sell them by the bulk on Ebay! No kidding. A lot of schools, after-school programs, and teachers use them for creative projects.

46.Sell your textbooks. Download the app BookScouter and start selling your books now! BookScouter scans the IBSN barcode and populates all the online book retailers who are willing to buy the book from you. You choose the highest bidder, of course and they provide the shipping labels and the payment. I recommend linking a Paypal account because an actual check will cost you a processing fee. The app is available on both the iOS and Android devices.

47.Sell downloads. If you’re creative with one of a kind graphics, you can create PDF files and sell them on Etsy or Shopify. The best about is that you don’t have to ship anything! Just upload your file and you are good to go!

48.Sell handmade sewing crafts. If you have needle points, cross-stitching, crochet, and other sewing crafts, sell them on Etsy or Shopify to make a cash stash for your creativity.

49.Sell your organic produce. Do you plant your own veggies or fruits? Have a ton of fruits left over that you don’t want to spoil? Sign up for your local community supported agriculture (CSA) and sell them to stores, customers, or become a vendor. Selling online via Amazon Marketplace is also another option!

50.Sell love letters. Are you great at writing romantic love short stories? Offer your services ghostwriting letters for someone’s paramour. Again, not kidding! Writers make $5 a pop for a letter on Fiverr. Be creative to stand out from the competition!

Have an awesome (& LEGAL!) gig that makes you money on the side? Post in the comments! I want to know!

This post may contain affiliate links btw. If you decide to make a purchase using any of the links, I receive small coinz at no additional cost to you. Thank you for reading!

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