Out with Disposables and In with Reusables?

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Yesterday Terracycle, the renowned global recycling company, announced its initiative to promote the use of reusable packaging for food, beauty, and personal care products. The initiative is called Loop and it is a one-of-kind program set to encourage major manufacturers to favor the sustainable shift from disposable to the new.

This also means that they plan to utilize postal services on a global scale to pick up empty containers right from the consumer’s homes. The idea is much like the curbside recycling services we use today for garbage pick-up. The difference is, is the garbage is collected rather than shredded, broken down and reassembled again. The garbage will not be trashed at all but will be reused again and again.

The recycling giant has revealed this initiative to its partners and massive brand companies like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever, and Proctor & Gamble. It appears that as a collective, the companies agree that disposable packaging is no longer a favorable means of product distribution. Reusability is the way to go!

Source | Loopstore.com

Source | Loopstore.com

Besides from the eco-consumer perspective, this would be convenient and will foster a catalyst of more eco-conscious thinking that leads to mindful product use and elimination. On a global and forward-thinking scale, future generations can enjoy living on a home planet and perhaps have less concern about a seemingly, endless plastic trash burden. Plus, the fact that big companies are supporting this sustainable movement is MAJOR!

A pilot program will be introduced in Paris this Early Spring then followed by a program set in the New York City area. Consumers will have the option to sign up online and place orders via Loop’s website. Imagine a roll of disinfecting cleaning wipes contained in a reusable dispenser delivered in a designated tote. When the tote is filled up with empty containers, it gets sent back to Loop to be cleaned, fully sanitized, refilled and sent back out. While each of the containers undergoes this process, a new set of containers will be already en route to you.

Besides the sustainability factor, the program introduces the ease of household shopping to its consumers. Sustainable living will be seen as a convenience.

What do you think? Type in your thoughts in the comment section below! If you’re curious about the program or would like to sign up in the future, check out their website here! In the meantime, you might want to check out my Recycling Guide so you can make sustainable living an easygoing experience!

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