6 Effective Communication Tips For All Your Relationships

Source | Edward Castro

Source | Edward Castro

It is genuine human nature. We are social beings ready to communicate at any given moment. We communicate via social media or talking to another person face to face.

The forms of communication seem endless and in a way, we need it to relate to one another nourishing our hearts, mind, and spirit.

Unfortunately, the reality is that communication can deplete our energies especially if the conversation goes awry. Someone disagrees or misunderstood us and it can project uninviting emotions. It is no surprised that communication is a major stress among relationships.

The quality of any relationship essentially comes down to the quality of the communication. By interacting effectively, you can reduce the stress and unnecessary conflicts. Below are six effective communication tips for your interpersonal relationships:

1. Be an Active Listener

Don’t just sit there with the phone attached to your hands or sit there for the sake of looking attentive. You have to actually be engaged and genuinely interested in what the other person is communicating. No one likes to feel ignored and it is unproductive for everyone involved.

In addition, help the other person to become a listener too! Ask them if they understood what you were communicating. Ask them for their perspective on what was communicated and if they don’t seem to comprehend, patiently keep at it until it is conveyed and understood.

2. Don't Interrupt

This can only be facilitated if you have been a good listener. Rarely do the double standards work in most relationships.

If you are polite and you allow them to speak, in time they will respond in the same matter. Unless of course, you are talking to a very rude person; eventually communicating with this type will lead to decide whether or not this person is worth keeping around. But, that is for a whole another blog post.

If you find yourself being interrupted, just relax and don’t try to one-up the other person or dwell about how you never interrupt.

On the other hand, if the other person is courteous, seems level headed and don’t realize that they are interrupting, point it out and inform them that they are interrupting the conversation by not returning the favor.

3. Be a Compassionate Communicator

When you seek to understand others, you gain a better sense of yourself. In some cases, you will find yourself being better understood by others.

Empathize with the person you are communicating with and put yourself in their shoes. Let them have the open floor to verbalize how they feel, uninterrupted.

Avoid feeling the need to respond back for the sake of responding back. Be mindful and approach your response with something that is meaningful and beneficial for the other person.

4. Be Patient

Demonstrate patience by not interrupting. Ever. Wait until it is your turn to communicate after the other person is done.

Be receptive to the how the other person is feeling, it can be very revealing to the message as a whole. This observation may point you in a direction of how to convey your next message so it is heard and understood.

5. Reiterate What They Said

Part of empathy is restating the other person’s feelings right back to them. By doing so, you are demonstrating to the other person that you understand what they are telling you and that you have carefully listened to them.

It shows compassion and effort that you diligently picked up on their message. Just don’t stop there! Follow up with a meaningful message tailored to the conversation this can be a solution, sound advice or constructive criticism.

6. Be Kind to Silence

So much of communication involves spoken words or texts that we often get caught up in a flurry of mindless chatter.

Sometimes the best conversation takes place in space of silence. However in some cases, it can be uncomfortable for some people to stay in silence.

My suggestion is just to relax and realize that some people need the silence to analyze their thoughts and feel secure before saying the next thing. So, just remain cool and be ready to listen.

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