20 Quick Life Reminders So You Can Enjoy Life Now

Source | Pixabay

Source | Pixabay

In the spirit of making every day in 2019 harmonious and filled with joy, I’ve created a list of life reminders to gently prompt you to enjoy more life right now:

1. Just be you and stop trying so hard. We are constantly subjected to distractions (i.e., magazines and social media) that inform us of what is wrong with us and how we can change ourselves; but it comes as a detriment to our well-being. Change is good but altering ourselves in place of what is “acceptable” does nothing. Stay true to what resonates with your being and the greater good.

2. Love more with no expectations. Expectations can be unfavorable because it is likely unrealistic. Love is the highest frequency available and it knows no bounds like expectations. So, love and love some more because that frequency always heals and it is always reliable.

3. Appreciation the now, not just the later. We all have a journey to experience in the physical and not everyone’s path is the same. Honor the present spiritual journey as there is so much to learn and experience. The goal is not to just value the destination but to recognize each of the steps we make to get there.

4. Don’t worry, things will be ok. It is so easy to fall into a pessimistic outlook on life but why not challenge your mind to view optimistically? The human mind tends to wander into a territory of the “what ifs” and it counteracts by thinking of the worst. If you are one of those that give in to the melodrama of the gray matter, I ask you to stop. Step back and think of the infinite good possibilities to a situation. It may provide a divine insight on how you can resolve and rebuild.

5. Laugh more. Life is serious as it is already. Find a good hearted reason to get a chuckle in. Be a goof with your kids. Watch a comedy movie. Share a funny story with your friends. Laughter is truly the best medicine.

6. Trust your intuition. We all have instincts but few actually trust it. Meditate and honor your intuition by listening to the voice. The ego is domineering and always wants to be heard so it is loud. It’s the voice that is always negative but you can control it by practice to subdue it. With time, awareness and devotion, your intuition will heighten and will guide you in this journey.

7. Speak and think kindly of yourself. Every thought is a vibration and the emotional energy attaches itself to those very thoughts. Keep them respectful when it comes to what you think about yourself. Respects start within so value your worth and honor the condition of your mental well-being by being kind.

8. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are not like the rest of the world. We all bring unique qualities to the body of humanity. To compare yourself to someone else, is a waste of energy. At best, work up your strengths and honor your weaknesses because it is the foundation to who you are.

9. Give yourself permission to try new things. Is there a new experience you would like to do? Bungee jump to face your fear of heights? Or a new dish that you never tried before? Make a plan and do it! Don’t ever get in your own way of experiencing life.

10. Be the first to forgive. Being the first is not a sign of weakness, it is the true definition of courage.

11. Do something sweet for someone. Doesn’t it feel good to receive an unexpected gift out of the blue? Sure it does. Pay it forward and offer to buy a meal or pick up the check on an order for a loved one. Doing something sweet is just as nourishing to the soul as it is receiving it.

12. Nourish your physical body. Fuel your body with more live plant based foods and adequate water. We have this physical space for now so respect it with the proper food/drink choices.

13. Visit the outdoors. Nature is so fulfilling to us. Unfortunately, it takes a backseat at times because of our professional lives. We are likely to be a slave to a computer at work for 8 or more hours and forget to recharge during breaks. Make it a habit to step outside every once in a while and reconnect with the outdoors. Absorb the sun rays, ground yourself and take in the fresh air.

14. Shoot a smile at the random stranger. Some people can be cold. Just flash them your pearly whites anyways.

15. Be genuinely happy for others and their successes. Jealously is such a ugly trait to possess. Kick it to the curb and adopt a new way of happiness- true happiness for others. Praise those who are working towards their goals. A good word of acknowledgement does wonders to the human spirit. So be happy for others and their endeavors. Their success may be your next inspiration!

16. Ask what you can give. Rather than what you can get, be the first to lend a helping hand to give. It is very empowering to be in the position to help someone, so do this often. It always makes its round back to you in many other ways.

17. Befriend yourself. No one truly knows yourself better than you so respect your worth and make friends with your spirit. Once you acknowledge who you are, you can be of better service to to others in this rewarding experience.

18. More Yes, Less No. No holds too much negative connotations. Say Yes to the greater good.

19. Find activities that truly speak to you. Once you acknowledge who you are, fill your plate with soul fulfilling activities to do that can boost your confidence and self awareness. Is there a belly-dancing class you have been meaning to enroll in? Do it because your preferred activity speaks to your spirit.

20. Uplift your standards. Never backslide on your standards because it makes others feel uncomfortable. Keep elevating your standards as you grow

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