Youthful Skin For Life? Yes! Here's 6 Ways To Make it Happen

Source | Engin Akyurt

Source | Engin Akyurt

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is essentially the mirror to our physical and emotional well-being. How we take care of it plays a pivotal role on the resiliency it has over time. If you intend to do something healthy for your skin, start from within- your soul!

Integrate doing something that makes you feel happy and restored. Incorporate reciting affirmations in the morning upon waking or simply start your day thinking of a positive thought.

On a physical level, your wellness reflects how you look and how others perceive you. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle helps to ensure that your wellness including your skin stays looking young for life. Here are some other ways to maintain your skin’s youthfulness:

Stay Hydrated!

The first step is always the obvious but often taken for granted advice: stay hydrated! If you truly desire healthier, glowing skin for life, it is imperative that you start from the inside by staying hydrated to flush out toxins.

Drink plenty of water every single day. To ensure that you are drinking enough water, consider your current weight as your guide! Take your weight and divide it by 2- this should equate to exactly how many ounces of water you should be drinking daily.

To save on plastics, I prefer to tote around a glass water bottle and fill it up about 5 times a day. I mark my bottle so that I am accountable towards meeting my daily goal. Otherwise, I will go about my day not paying attention to take a sip break. I used to know someone that literally made reminders on her phone just to alert her. I guess whatever helps!

To add to your hydration regimen, consider investing in a high-quality hydrating mist like Evian Natural Mineral Spray. Stash it in your tote bag to keep your facial skin toned and refreshed.

You Are What You Eat

If you have read my previous articles concerning nutrition and skin health, you will know that these two share a direct correlation. Whole food based nutrition that includes vegetables and fruits contain phytonutrients that supports the skin color and glow. But it doesn’t stop there! These phytonutrients are responsible for providing the body its first line of defense against environmental offenders that the skin faces (no pun intended) everyday.

With consistent consumption, the skin continues to glow rejuvenating its natural beauty. Think of the beta carotene in carotenoids, the pigmented antioxidants (found in carrots, bananas, and tomatoes to name a few) helps to restore the skin’s appearance and wellness. Consider eating a plant based food diet or adding more plants to keep your skin health in optimal condition.

I Heart Good Fat

With more phytonutrients on your plate, consider adding a healthy fat! A quarter slice of an avocado or a splash of olive oil to your colorful salad helps to add monounsaturated fat into your diet. Another example is flaxseed oil which contains the omega fatty acids. This type of fat is not only great for skin glow but reduces inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease and skin photoaging.

Fresh, Clean Air

It is common knowledge that smoking cigarettes and air pollution is bad for our lungs but it can be very detrimental to the appearance of our skin too. Avoid cigarette smoking and other air pollutants to maintain the youthful look of your skin and overall well-being. Breathe in as much fresh air as possible! Also if you wear cosmetics such as foundation and powders, give yourself a break from wearing it. Let your skin breathe!

Skin Food

Consider the skin care products. Read the labels and opt for organic, non-toxic ingredients. I love SanRe Organics SkinFood because of its rich formulas and eco-friendly products. My favorite night cream is called Sleeping Beauty because of the instant glow I get upon waking up plus it is great for all skin types. Not sponsored just sharing one of my beauty faves : )

When looking for a skincare regimen, I highly recommend using things that are safe to ingest. After all, your skin absorbs whatever you put on it so why ingest chemicals? Go for the healthy stuff, your skin will look and feel marvelous!

Prevent with Good Vibes

Prevention is key so intend to keep a lifestyle that is centered on staying healthy so it encompasses your beauty regimen. Vibrating on positive happy energies helps to maintain that youthful look as well! So tap into that creative, child-like spirit and do an activity centered around having fun!

Nourishing your skin starts from the inside out so work to restore from the mind, body and spirit.

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