How To Perfect Your Posture Now

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Source | Raw Pixel

You probably heard the saying time and time again: “Sit up straight” and “Stop slouching!” But the advice is worth taking because good posture is a necessity for balancing. It helps you to sustain correct form and technique while exercising so you can obtain more gains and lesser injuries.

Working on this balance can reinforce your abilities in just about any sport. But, great posture doesn’t stop there!

By standing up straighter, your weight centers over your hips which make you appear slimmer and stronger. Even if you are not a model or an athlete, there are still reasons to adhere to maintain good balance.

If you are at work and get up from the chair to grab a fresh cup of tea or you lift packages from off the floor and unto your desk, having good posture helps you to maintain balance to be able to do even the most simplest tasks.

There are lots of physical reasons why many people may have poor posture, but here are the two main ones:

  1. Lack of muscle strength affects balance especially of the core muscles group of the back, buttocks, sides, and pelvis. When these muscles are weak, we tend to slump which leans our bodies forward thus throwing the body off balance. Therefore, those squats come in handy to encourage stronger legs to keep you steady!

  2. In addition to strength is the lack of flexibility. Inflexible muscle decreases the range of motion or how far a muscle joint can move in a direction.  This lack of capability has a tendency to disrupt posture due to tight muscles.

So what does great posture look like? Here are some characteristics of it and what to consider to maintain it:

  • Neutral spine, no arching to overemphasize the lower back

  • Abdominals tight

  • Hips even, not twisted

  • Shoulders even

  • Knees pointed straight and even

  • Chin parallel to the floor

  • Bodyweight evenly distributed with both feet flat on the floor

With a few simple exercises, you can dramatically improve your posture over time. Some of the best exercises do not require a gym membership! Are you familiar with the hip flexor stretch or a deep lunge stretch? Chances are you have seen or have completed a few of these moves! These types of stretches help to address posture and loosen tight muscle joints.

Being mentally conscious of your posture during strength training form helps you to get the most out of your workout. The good news is by adapting to a habit you will see remarkable results in little time so keep reminding yourself to stand up straight!

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