7 Compelling Ways To Keep You Grounded Using Feng Shui

Source | Artem Bali

Source | Artem Bali

Globally, we are all connected and have tons of ways to communicate and have access to even more amazing information. Yet, so many of us are disconnected and feel a little less empowered.

Many are seeking some sense of fulfillment as they go on the soul search of uncovering their life’s purpose. But, that search alone can leave one tired as they tried to cope with the hyperactive lifestyle of the modern world.

In Feng Shui, when you live a life ruled by mental activity like typing, thinking and watching you’re full of metal energy and are more likely to live as a prisoner in your head.

It’s no surprise, that you can get drained by the influx of mental thoughts! You probably experienced feelings of loneliness, headaches and anxiety which is not desirable or healthy at all!

If you find yourself like this, you need the blessings of the Earth’s stable energy to get you balanced in your life.

By being grounded, you can connect with the flow of life, remain humble and peaceful. Plus, you will experience a boost in your self-confidence and satisfaction. Here are seven tips to get you going!

1. Revisit the silence.

Enjoy some downtime or just take the day off away from electronics. So turn off your computer and turn the phone off. Be quiet and embrace the silence as much as you can because quiet time can be healing!

2. Visit a forest and hug a tree.

Exuberant trees with strong roots are abundant with grounded, stable energy. Hug a tree, sit underneath one, or lean against one to absorb that energy blessed from the terra firma. Even if you live in a city, plant an indoor tree in your space. Great to clean the air and deter illness!

3. Wear Earthy colors.

Browns, greens, and beige always come to mind when you think of Earth based colors. In the Feng Shui element cycle, Earth relates to grounding and stability aspects. Even fire colors such as orange, red, and fuchsia are also colors that fortify Earth with its vivid, attracting qualities.

4. Root, root, hurray!

Celebrate life by introducing root veggies into your diet. These include carrots, beets, parsnips, and turnips. Nothing like consuming deeply rooted, Earth energy!

5. Smells like Earth.

One of my favorite Earthy scents to use is patchouli. This musky-sweet and rich fragrance produces an enriching effect that can leave you calm and grounded. However, for some people the scent can be overwhelming.

As an alternative, I suggest using sandalwood, cedarwood, or frankincense. Add a few drops to your bath, rub a few drops on your wrist, or add a few drops the next time you do laundry.

6. Electric Slide, yes. Excessive electric, no.

Too much of anything can be harmful, like living close to a lot of power lines or excessively using outlets to plug devices. Be sure to not to overload these outlets; you can risk burning up your home! Or using extension cords to plug major appliances like a refrigerator is a big no-no!

Keep your space grounded by using outlets safely and plant a few houseplants to absorb those excess electrical currents.

7. Ground your energy with crystals.

Create by raw materials beneath the Earth’s layer, then shaped by attraction and force into glorious forms, crystals produces an energetic vibration capable of stabilizing things including us!

I keep crystals on my desk at work to diffuse any tension surrounding the work area. It is capable of providing a calmer state in a very chaotic environment. You can use crystals like Black Obsidian, Tourmaline, Hematite, Jasper, or Clear Quartz.

Whenever you found yourself lost or scattered, experiment with one of these tips to get empowered and grounded.

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