Study Finds What Really Leads to Relationship Longevity

Source | Luis Quintero

Source | Luis Quintero

When we think of being compatible with a partner, the usual checklist comes to mind: do they share the same values, can we share a home together, etc. Then, the list goes from terrestrial to the celestial: what is their sun and venus/mars sign? Will we get along? So many questions! The reality is, is true relationship compatibility is more than just astrological placements on a natal chart. In fact, it is more than just observing the meshing of personality traits. New research has unfolded that relationship paradise is actually dependent on a variable that is surprisingly simple!

I should share that the great achievement news as a millennial: the divorce rates are dropping! This is mostly in part to our preference to wait before committing to tying the knot. I also believe this is also related to observing our parents and grandparents relationships and identifying red flags.

This, in turn, creates core standards to which a potential relationship would have to meet. There are also the ones (myself included) who not only observe our relationship standards but our need to following our own clock and “disable” the so-called biological clock conversations. Giving us plenty of time to discover ourselves and improve who we are as an individual before igniting a coupledom flame.   

A research study from Michigan State University discovered that higher levels of satisfaction in a solid relationship stem from having a partner who is delightful and caring. Kindness is definitely King when it comes to creating a romantic paradise. Some may say that is an obvious point in regards to creating a complementary pairing, but being genuinely nice is heavily underlined. X’s and O’s.

In the study, researchers interviewed over 2,500 heterosexual couples with a married life of 20 years. A mental imbalance (like a partner’s likelihood of being depressed) was used as an estimation for the well-being of the couple’s union. Less emphasis was placed on some of the popular personality variables like openness, accommodating and extroversion.

The research unfolds that the perfect match is more than just meeting compatibility levels. By encouraging deep and meaningful communication is the crucial step towards solidifying a sound relationship. Kindness serves as a basis for building it in the right direction. No matter how you put it, the study subjects were very clear: Kindness tops the list over compatibility for the long haul.

So while we have been told that the solid foundation of a relationship is built on qualities like respect, loyalty, and honesty, it turns out that kindness should be number one on that list. Kindness for the win!

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