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Source | Alfredson Jr.

Source | Alfredson Jr.

It seems that the wellness scene is all about breath inhalation and exhalation. Everyone is gathering to attend breathwork classes. People who swear by the practice says that the rhythmic breathing assists them to make better life decisions and helps to jolt big lifestyle changes.

Breath work allows you to connect with your mind, body and feelings and assist your path in this journey of life. You don’t necessarily need to schedule a class in a studio, in fact you can do it on your own, comfortably at home and here is how:

Lay out your Intention

Do you know what you intend to get of a performing a breath work? Maybe you want to solve a problem? Or set your creativity free? Maybe you want to change careers and need help making the decision?

It can be beneficial to start with an intention because breath allows you to navigate your mind and body to find a new viewpoint. There are moments where you will get scattered with other thoughts and that’s okay. Acknowledge the thoughts and let them float away. Just trying to control those thoughts would be detrimental and can deter your breath work.

Here's What You Do!

As there are many different types of breath work routines, the basic and simple one is called the three part breath.

To begin, you take a sharp inhalation into your stomach and again into the chest, and then fully exhale through your mouth. You repeat this process for five to thirty minutes. To assist you, I recommend using the timer app on your smartphone to set the total minutes of your session. This way, you can concentrate more on your breathing.

It is important that you are breathing in a repetitive manner so that you are getting a consistent flow of oxygen. That flow of oxygen is so essential that it is capable of revitalizing and purifying the blood and kicks out the carbon dioxide, an acidic molecule, so that your body cells can retain its health.

Stronger and Refreshed

It is no question. Breath work is a tool to implement towards your well-being. The evidence of committing to the practice can change the way the immune system can handle inflammation in the body. A study performed on subjects who were taught to do a breath work routine had fewer serious inflammatory responses after being exposed to toxins than those who weren't. 

In theory, this practice can help you recover from cold or allergy symptoms rapidly and prevent you from getting sick. When your immunity needs that extra power kick, commit to practicing your breath work right before flu or pollen season.

You may experience a wonderful sensation all over your body or a euphoric high as if your body has been renewed!

Are you more of a yoga extraordinaire or a meditation enthusiast? Would you use this routine everyday? Share + Comment below!

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