Want to Boost Your Happiness Level? Here's How!

Source | Juan Mendez

Source | Juan Mendez

After years of working with an assortment of patients from all clinical backgrounds, I discovered that true happiness stems from their level of peace of mind. Very little of their total happiness came from their status, the money that they had and their image. These are all external extensions. Yet, society has a tendency to impose these objects as things we strive for because it promises a fulfilling, happy life. Of course, these external influences has been proven to do absolutely nothing to the happy factor. The most important type of happiness is one of substance and genuinity.

I believe that happiness requires going back into time to reveal what truly made us happier. Before the invention of the internet, Sega Genesis, and Cabbage Patch doll babies, happiness was the childhood reminder of enjoying life playing “tag” outdoor with my neighborhood friends and family. It was that social connection that created bonds and good times.

It is no surprise that happiness comes not just from within, but from our connection with others. For thousands of years, we depended on each other in our natural environment. It was a tribe that truly vibe and villages that care about their neighbors’ well-being. Should a member of the village was ill, everyone came together to resolve their sickness and foster a healing space. Anything that was cook for meals or a clothing article were collectively created and shared.

This is why the country, Denmark is the happiest nation in the world. Many people choose to live together in large buildings than live apart. They connect, share and laugh while enjoying meals in groups. Each family takes a responsibility to whip up a few meals in a month so that it gives everyone a chance to take time off from kitchen duty to spend time with family. It is an honorable system that had roots from how humans used to live.

Bringing that lifestyle back may seem far-fetched here in the States, but if these acts were still practice today it would greatly improve our ability to cooperate, extend compassion and just love. It is in our nature to do all of these things so why not honor our instincts and by extension, experience a profound happiness?

Besides who wouldn’t choose to be happy? When we are using compassion and love, our brains releases a huge dose of dopamine. This neurotransmitter is known as the body’s natural “feel good” chemical. How can you boost your happiness to 1000 and improve your health?

  • It’s all about connection! Get out and get involved in your community doing some kind of volunteer work

  • Perform random acts of kindness and pay it forward

  • Smile at the random stranger

  • Join a club, group, or a church organization to be of assistance to their programs

  • Bake a decadent dessert to share with your neighbor

  • Hang out with your family and get together for a game night

  • Catch up with some friends for an intimate dinner filled with laughs

  • Count your blessings every day and love unconditionally

  • Always express gratitude for your blessings and what is to come!

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