I Stopped Drinking Coffee! Here's What Happened

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Source | Raw Pixel

Last Saturday, I decided to embark on a journey I have never done before- releasing my need for caffeine. Yes, I put down the coffee mug in favor of turmeric and ginger tea.

You would think, “Well Jazz, that can’t be! Don’t you love coffee?!” Well, yeah! But, I realized how severely dependent I was on the stimulant to the point where the dependency became a consistent routine.

I would have 16 ounces on the way to work and drink another 16 ounces in the afternoon. Depending on my schedule and if I was pulling an all-nighter, I would drink a whole coffee pot of joe to sustain insomnia and “fuel the creativity”.

It was atrocious when I positioned myself to confront the truth.

But it didn’t stop there. I realized the caffeine dependency gave me a false sense of comfort. I have begun to associate it with my childhood memories of stealing sips from my mother’s coffee mug. I also develop an undercover fear of the withdrawal side effect s. So, I avoided any attempt to discontinue my coffee habit.

Until recently.

I can’t decide if it was the beginning activation shift from the Virgo Full Moon that triggered it; or if I started to lose the desire to drink coffee. Whatever that prompted me got me going to stick to what I thought was impossible! Here’s what helped me:

Take It Slow

I wouldn’t suggest going cold turkey, especially if you are an avid coffee drinker for years. I suggest cutting back until you can tolerate drinking just one cup (8 ounces) a day. Then, reduce the consumption to every other day. Then alternate between coffee and another warm favorite, tea.

That was another feature I noticed, I built a habit to grab something hot to sip to get my day going. It wasn’t the caffeine that was fueling my energy; it was the comfort- the warmth of a freshly brewed beverage. I started packing extra tea bags to take on the go in place of the afternoon joe at work.

Once you have decided to kick coffee to the curb, do so preferably on the weekend which leads me to my next tip:

Take a Break

Two of the key symptoms of caffeine withdrawal are the dreaded headache and fatigue. While there are no alchemical ways to avoid the side effects, there are some ways to diminish them so you can heal magically:

Take a day (or two days or the weekend!) to chill out and rest. I decided to do nothing on Sunday. I prepared and ate my lunch. Turned on Netflix and dozed off for the rest of the day. No guilt. No regret. I knew the headaches and the fatigue was inevitable so I prepared myself to just relax and ease my body. I also gave apply lavender essential oil to the temples to lightly massage my head and scalp. The scent always gears me towards a calmer state.

I was also careful of my head motions. For instance, upon rising out of bed, I became mindful of how I lift out of bed. I started doing light head roll exercises to strengthen my muscles and boost circulation. Doing so on a consistent basis is so beneficial to not just your physical state but your overall well-being.

Turn to Source Energy

Whomever you believe in, turn to Source energy should you feel the need to reach for caffeine or if you experience another crushing headache. On Monday, I walked into work and felt a headache as if it was a bittersweet reminder to my caffeine farewell kick. I took a moment to pause at the desk, close my eyes and made a sincere request to the Universe: I am free from this headache, related side effects and my dependence to caffeine. I took a deep breath in-out and started my day, placing my focus on the task at hand. It worked.

As days progressed, I was able to complete tasks with more clarity and got a lot more projects done. Was my preconceived notion about kicking the habit blocking me from discovering I had the drive all along? Perhaps. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a cup of joe, in fact I wrote a whole article about it. I do know one thing- if you ever find yourself wanting to avoid caffeine, do it with love, patience and one cup at a time.

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