How To Release the Need To Control Everything

Source | KaboomPics

Source | KaboomPics

Most of us hold on to people, things and situations out of fear and the need for control.

We begin to attach out of comfort because it feels safe but we do so at our own detriment. It can seem so safe until the emotions kick in. In our attempt to control how things should be and the way things should go, we expose a bossy side than leaves little room for pleasant impression.

The truth is, is that these things go way smoother when we release the “death grip” and allow life to just happen. From my observation, what drive people to control is the fear of uncertainty and the lack of faith. When we are able to build trust through faith we could stop ourselves from questioning and attracting a less than desirable outcome.

We open ourselves to greater possibilities that everything will be OK. After all, sometimes what we think is right for us is not necessarily good for us. If there is ever a big life lesson to learn, it is this: let go of control. Think in terms of the feelings from the outcome of just performing the simple act of release: peace, freedom, happiness, support and solid connection. Who wouldn’t want these things?

Here are a few ways to let go of control and welcome surrender:

1.  Write a list of what scares you

I mentioned earlier how control has its roots in fear and uncertainty. One of my lessons was coming to the conclusion of how fear is just an illusion and warrants no existential basis in this experience.  One way to stand up to fear is by identifying what those fears are. Write a list and make it your personal development business to face the fears. For me, the need to let go of control was to simply jump out of a plane.  Now, I am aware you may not go to that extreme but I implore you to discover and face these fears that are holding you back.

2.  Hugs for Trust

Trust equates to belief. It is also in alignment to respecting who you are. By extension, this means trusting in a Higher Power that oversees all. It means believing in Divine trust that any situation will produce the favorable results necessary for it. Having faith will restore the trust needed to overcome an event that seems vague or obscured at any moment. Embrace it so you can learn to release control effectively.

3. Define Freedom

Freedom to me means true soul liberation. It is profound and an awesome way to exist at peace without limitations. There is no control because does not exist in the realm of true freedom.  What does freedom mean to you?  Create a list and connect with the feelings it gives you. Remember that the need to control harshly minimizes all these feelings rooted deeply with freedom.

Being receptive to surrendering and the release of control is an art, at times it can seem rough. Just remember that the universe wishes for you to succeed in this life and there is an immense support from beyond willing to assist you.

“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.” 
― Ralph Ellison

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