v i d e o | Priestess Queen Auset Heru on THWFRNY SOCIAL SUNDAZE

It is often serve as a reminder that in order to cultivate love within, one must love every aspect, both good and bad, of themselves so that it radiates in all areas of one's life. After all when you are radiating with happiness and healthy love, it is contagious!

Within that cultivation are lessons to learn, wisdom to gain so I created an idea that just POP in my head last week: A YouTube video series of easy-going chats with inspiring women from around the globe to offer their insights on how to nourish the life they love even when the pressure is on.

THWFRNY Social Sundaze. It is to unite, empower, and inspire you to live your best life with love.

In this vid, I chat it up via Skype with fellow Youtuber and Aquarian Extraordinaire Queen Auset Heru for the THWFRNY SOCIAL SUNDAZE series. We discuss spirituality, breaking ego-based beliefs, personal growth, crystals, quotes, tarot cards and other nourishing soul food for thought.

Check out her amazing channel!