5 Signs You Need A Fresh Start

Source | Lydia Bond

Source | Lydia Bond

Fresh starts always mark the period of happiness, optimism and enthusiasm to jump into something new.

However, it is not always easy to make those fresh starts.

With so many responsibilities and activities going on, it can be difficult to adhere to a fresh start. But if you can envision the advantages that could unfold in your life, it can push you into overdrive to make that change happen right now!

But first, here are some signs to look out for that will hint that you need a fresh start:

1. You constantly feel uninspired.

When you can’t find the happiness in the simplest task or bold, cheery things, then this sour attitude is in dire need of transformation.

2. Speaking of sour attitudes, you experience mood swings.

Everything seems chaotic in your life and the sense of order is almost non-existent. You are overwhelmed, tired, and cluttered. Time to re-evaluate!

3. You are tardy, again.

When you are late to your job, doesn’t it set the worst mood for the whole day? Being late is a sign of disconnection from your livelihood. It takes being honest with yourself first then consider tapping into inner organizer. Adjust to keeping a calendar planner on your desk or workstation to keep your tasks in order. Doesn’t have to be ultra fancy nor does your penmanship has to be in cursive; as long as your tasks are legible so you can commit to consistency and time management, you will be ok!

4. You look at your clutter and you get pissed off.

If you walk into your space and the clutter seems to be mounting more and more each day much like your headache from it, this is always the first sign that you are in need of a fresh start. Start to clear out your clutter to allow the stagnant energy to move and watch how your life will unfold for the better. No headache relievers needed.

5. You talk about changing but you don’t.

A lot times what holds us back from making changes, is the need to constantly mentally remind ourselves how much we need to. That entire mental activity can tired a person really quick, it is no wonder that we perpetually talk about it to whoever will listen! Perhaps you just need the know-how on how to start up the change.

Fresh starts can be something as just cleaning up the backyard for a new garden space or it could mean taking that vacation halfway around the world. Whatever that fresh start means to you, the know-how comes from taking the first step in the path of courage. Take the risk. There is no instructional manual for making changes, you just do it. Simple.

Here are some catalysts to spark your new start:

Hydrate with water.

Yep. I said it. Drink water! Water represents fresh starts. In its element, water produces the flow of energy that courses through your body. It is creative, inspiring, cleansing and flushes out the stagnation. After all, our bodies are made up of mostly water and water is the vibrational energy that resonates within the human vessel. Allow this natural flow to holistically transform you.

Go on a vacation.

It doesn’t have to be a trip across the country or the pond. Take a quick getaway to a place outside of what you are used to. Think back to a time when you were on vacation and you can back to your normal routine.

Besides the fact that you may have suffered from the after-vacation blues, did you feel the need to make a few changes in your life? Whether if that meant redesigning your space to show off your new souvenir that you picked on your travels or rethinking your budget to plan another getaway, taking a vacation always seems to jumpstart a fresh start in some way.

Clean and renovate your home.

After your declutter adventure, clean up your space with eco-friendly household products. I love to have options so the Grove Collaborative has always been my go-to to stay stock up on my cleaning faves.

Get oriented with the art of feng shui and create a space that resonates with you. In this post, I share a creative spin on the idea of feng shui and how it can be applied to a creative workspace. Use this information to inspire your next renov!

These ideas can be the creative surge of energy you need to ignite your fresh start today.

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