How To Defeat Packing Anxiety

Source | Pixabay

Source | Pixabay

Spring break is coming and so is the desire to hit the road and get away from the mundane!

While traveling during this time can be desirable due to the promising sunlight from the bleak winter days, another issue unfolds shortly before departing: packing anxiety.

Packing anxiety is real and the stress levels can be high for anyone planning to hit the road or take a flight or two.

It is characterized by putting off the act of packing luggage until the night before of departure. At last minute, the individual is left scatter looking for items to stow and shove into an already full suitcase. This leaves the individual likely to forget items like a phone charger or medications. On the other extreme, it makes a person become an overpacker.

Overpacking mentally forcing a person to constantly question whether or not something is worth packing because well, "just in case." But this act alone, puts pressure and increases anxiety. Who needs that when all you ask is to enjoy a relaxing getaway?

Here are five tips to make packing less of a chore:

1. Plan your outfits

How many days will you be staying at your location? Do you plan on going out at nights as well? Decide what you will be wearing for each day and occasion. Choose a few solid color pieces like a pant or skirt and coordinate it with multiple tops. Same with jewelry- decide which pieces you will taking to wear with your outfits. Store them in a designated tote like this. This way, you won’t lose any of the small pieces like earring studs.

2. Wrinkles & Plastic Bags

Ladies, take a few dresses made in a jersey-type fabric. These won’t wrinkle or crease like a too structured garment. Fellas, your dressy pants should be folded neatly and store in a zip-lock plastic bag to avoid wrinkles. Decide which shoes to wear and with what.

I typically pack these first and store each pair in a grocery plastic bag so my suitcase and packed clothes doesn’t get dirty during transport. When I arrive at my destination, I unpack the shoes I will wear and store them right back in the same bag when I leave.

3. Roll ’em out

Belts can be wrapped around the lower interior of your suitcase before placing your shoes first. Your belts will be further secured with the weight from the shoes. It will also preserve the belt structure rather then rolling them up.

All your lightweight tops, shirts, and tank tops should be rolled. First, fold them and turn them sideways and roll. Tuck each piece after placing your shoes on the bottom. Denim pieces like jeans can be rolled as well.

4. Dressed to impress

Your next items, like the dressy pants or structured dresses with very little stretch should be draped on top of your neatly rolled garments. Also, even the placement of these items makes a difference in space. For instance, say you drape a few dressy pants in a horizontal pattern, next time drape the rest vertically. Using this method, allow me to make best use of the space.

5. Give your pockets a job

Make use of the interior pockets by stowing your delicates like bras, underwear, and socks. If you are carrying toiletries, be sure to secure these items in a heavy duty plastic sealing bag to avoid possible spills and headaches. Same method with the carry-on bag as well.

Another tip is to wear and layer some clothes that you couldn’t fit in your suitcase on the day of your departure. I did this for my trips to London, Atlanta and New York. Hope this helps the next time you have to leave town!

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