How To Tap Into Good Luck

Source | Djalmaphotos

Source | Djalmaphotos

You may know some people in your life who seem to epitomize luck. They apply to a prestigious school and they get in. They take an examination and they pass with flying colors. They chat and spit game with the hot girl or guy and they end up getting hitched months later. They make it seem so easy. What gives?

Research conducted by a psychologist interviewed over 400 self-portrayed lucky and unlucky people and concluded that luck wasn’t just plain luck but a simple mindset. Lucky people think differently and focus on opportunities whereas unlucky people do not. Lucky people are open-minded and happy to be in the present rather than focusing on expectations.

The psychologist believes that luck is a tool that can be fostered whether or not an individual possesses the quality. Here are the three simple principles that can be easily used to kindle good prosperity:

1. Connect To Your Intuition

People who seem to be lucky in the game of life tend to respect their gut instincts. Lucky people tap into their senses towards making a decision. They think, feel and use their intuitive ability to make decisions about the available options rather than rely on the obvious. Tapping into your intuitive ability takes being able to listen to your inner knowing by being still and surrender to mindfulness. This can be achieved by mindful meditation as this can be a fruitful way of decluttering your thoughts and sharpen your intuitive ability.

2. Live In Total Optimism

Lucky people are likelier to see the good in every situation. After all, it could have been worse! For example, my friend’s 92-year old grandmother described how she bruised her leg against the banister upon descending from her staircase. Concerned, my co-worker called her frantically asking if she was ok. The grandmother replied, “I am so lucky to not have broken my hip!” as she laughed on the other line. The lucky and blessed grandma refuses to live a pessimistic life and with that in mind, she is #grandmagoalaf  :)

3. Live On The Variety Vibes

Lucky people tend to enjoy every opportunity in their life which is why they tend to introduce variety. Not one for routines, they are into the spontaneity rather than relying on the usual. They are also likelier to embrace changes and adapt at a moment notice. If you wish to tap into the lucky vibe into your life but are a little cautious, try changing up the routine every other day, week or month. For instance, a new diet seems appealing? Try adopting the diet every other day to tap into delicious variation.

Following the study, research concluded that 80 percent of the collective had become happier and felt luckier than they had before. Not only had it affected the lucky group, but it positively impacted the unlucky ones. The study focused on positively transforming the mindset by following intuition, capitalizing on opportunities, becoming more resilient and possessing good expectations. Being lucky just means believing you are!

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