How To Wander The World For Free

Source | Te lensFix

Source | Te lensFix

There is something about traveling that is so rewarding on a spiritual level. You see different places, meet different people and gain appreciation from being a guest outside your home. You become more mindful and grateful as you absorb the energetic surroundings of the destination.

What if I told you could do this with little to no money? 

In fact, with a little imagination, creative planning, personality, and goodwill, traveling the world is very much possible with just a few dollars in your pockets.

Sounds too good to be true? Read the suggestions below on how to snag free lodging accommodations, flights, and transportation:

Free Sleep Here

House Swap: To put it simply, swap your house with someone you know! Suppose you have a trusted friend who might be going away on vacation in your area leaving their humble abode empty. Offer to house swap!

Mind My House: Become a house sitter and enjoy free accommodation while visiting a different city! Mind My House is the go-to house sitting website that offers the lowest annual rate at USD $20 for house sitters to link up with legitimate homeowners.

Both parties enter a mutual agreement in exchange for general house maintenance for free boarding. So while your responsibilities will probably include feeding the dog or watering houseplants, you are guaranteed to enjoy housing without breaking the bank.

Home Exchange: Like the name implies, Home Exchange works by listing your house or apartment in exchange with someone else’s home in a city or country you wish to visit and vice versa. You partner up with a like-minded community so everyone gets to enjoy a vacation in each other’s city. The biggest perk is being able to live like a local!

Global Freeloaders: This online community connects other like-minded travelers to save on accommodations. All you have to do after signing up is find a couch, sleep on it, and return the favor to the fellow freeloader!

Couch Surfing: Meet amazing people who will literally share you their couch for free! Safety is a big priority so potential hosts undergoes verification checks to ensure the security of couch surfers everywhere.

Escape the Comfort Zone

Global Adventure Challenges: Feeling adventurous? How about doing something challenging in the name of your favorite charity? Global Adventures Challenges may be for you! Sign up for a challenge around the world with the help of sponsors. Choose from trekking, sledding, rafting, cycling, and other awesome activities.

Start a Group Tour: If you like planning itineraries and prefer traveling in groups, you may want to organize a travel group. Setup a tour complete with group accommodations and save on excursions like sightseeing.

Work Onboard

If you have skills like fixing things or entertaining others, there are so many opportunities by working aboard a cruise line or yacht. Check out job postings on major cruise lines and see where your skills can take you. Awesome opportunity to do what you love while seeing the world!

Do Short Term Gigs

Besides working on a ship, there are job opportunities working abroad in different countries. For example, you can work as an English tutor for a high school or offer to use your mixology skills to work as a bartender at a swanky hotel.

These short-term positions can get you free accommodation and food if ask! Not bad for a summer gig making cash while on a vacation plus a great opportunity to socialize with the locals.


United Nations: Volunteer for the United Nations! With so many help assignments available anywhere from all around the world.

Peace Corps: Probably one of the organizations I thought heavily about joining, the Peace Corps; You bring your knowledge and expertise and volunteer for two solid years in places like Vanuatu, Peru, Czech Republic and many more.

Wwoof: Another fun idea- work on a farm, get free lodging! All you have to do is work anywhere from 4 to 6 hours in exchange for food and accommodation. Sign up to link with organic farmers and growers from across the country.

Get Around

Hitchhiking is still a great way to get around a country, just use your discretion. Avoid watching scary movies that deter you from trying it 

I remember one YouTuber who swear by this method especially when he was visiting Hawaii. He mentioned that “you can take a bus but if a driver is willing to give you a lift why not? There are plenty of folks who don’t mind the company of great conversation.”

Free Fly

Special days are coming: You were probably ask “hey, what do you want for Christmas?” or conversations hinting at something like that. Or your birthday is coming up and perhaps you are wondering how can one treat you? If so, ask your friends and family to pool in cash for that flight ticket you have been eyeing on. Why not? You deserve it 

Bumped up: Sometimes airlines are overbooked but most know that not everyone will show up to take their seat. If you have a booked flight, request to volunteer to be bumped up. You will be placed on another flight and given free vouchers to use on future flights.

Air miles: If you have a major credit card that offers Air miles as rewards for spending, use them! Redeem them for flights.

Work for Flights: Apply for a short-term job on a major airline for a few months before traveling to have access to perks like free flights!

That’s it! You can’t say you don’t have enough cash to trot the globe. With these invaluable tips, you will learn a different culture, make some money, and most importantly create awesome memories!

Have you travel for free or previously use the aforementioned tips above? Share + Comment Below!

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