How To Make Karmic Peace

Source | Ithalu Dominguez

Source | Ithalu Dominguez

Growing up I was always drawn to metaphysical and otherworldly studies. I always felt awkward as a child because I could never relate to any of my classmates; much less my family members who are primarily of the Christian upbringing. As a young adult, my leisure studies expanded as I began studying theology and religion as I slowly ostracize myself out of religion entirely.

Amidst my studies, I always felt that I had past lives because certain places like London and Cairo felt very familiar to me. So much so, that I later made trips to both places and felt eerily at-home with both cities. I reached out to a life coach who specialized in past life regression.

In my past, I was a broken-hearted sea captain, plantation owner who was a little too kind towards the slaves, and a North African queen who had a very hard time trusting family. All of these lives, I am sure, spoke volumes of accounts whether good or bad. Perhaps, I may have freed a lot of slaves from bondage or orchestrated the rise of an ancient city. Life may have been less than perfect and surely I had committed some kind of mistakes in between.

Now, imagine committing some kind of mistakes whether big or small in your past lives. Have you ever acknowledge whether your past mistakes affect your present spiritual growth? Did you know that by not coming into peace with your mistakes, your soul repeats it over and over and over again until you learn the lessons?

Perhaps, that could explain why certain things may be going awry in your life right now. This is the spiritual transformation that our soul so desires to experience but instead our physical being in this present life is serving itself on its earthly dimension.

When we were kids, we all hated being told what we did wrong and it is no different when we become adults. We have all committed some kind of mistakes in our past lives but by not acknowledging what we did, our soul gets stuck. In my research of reincarnation, the “ego” steps in and the soul stays bounded on Earth living repeating lives trying to make logic sense stuck in the karmic cycle.

In order for the soul to experience its true destiny, one must heal and experience cleansing of its past life karma. I like to refer to it as the Karmic Peace Statement. You state it directly to God, the Source, whatever is your source of Divine Power. It so simple and can be done anywhere and at anytime:

“I apologize for the mistakes I made in my past lives and I was wrong for making those same karmic mistakes in this life too, I am so sorry.”

Saying this statement so humbly has such an effective sweet effect to the Divine. It is almost compare to as a child who comes forward to their parent sincerely apologizing seeking ultimate forgiveness. I can assure you that saying this statement will alter you in some way. You will look at things very differently. You will also feel an incredible burst of positive energy emanating from within.

Your aura will be healed as the negating energy has now been cleansed. But keep in mind this is still a continual process due to the residual karma experiences from one lifetime to the next. You must always be aware of the energies should negating feelings ever come back such feelings can include jealousy, hate, anger, and/or bitterness.

We are living in such an awesome time of spiritual awareness causing tremendous transformation. Awaken souls of humankind are embracing our wisdom, experiences, and thorough understanding of the wonderful blessings presented to us every day.

In your journey towards spiritual growth, may this knowledge of the karmic peace statement spark the divine fire living with you and set the foundation for your enlighten path.

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