v i d e o | CEO Oneida Franco on THWFRNY SOCIAL SUNDAZE

This weekend, I kicked it off with the third episode of THWFRNY Social Sundaze segment on my YouTube channel. I had the pleasure to chat with Oneida Franco who is the CEO of Franco Blueprint, Inc. Her business’ mission is to provide financial solutions and guidance to small businesses and educate money matters to the next young fleet of entrepreneurs everywhere.

In addition to her empire, she founded Fungesa, a charitable organization based in the Dominican Republic that aims to empower the lives of future generations. It is a project that is very dear to my heart that even I aspire to!

In this chat, we discuss the importance of balancing your life as a leader and as an individual, how to stay motivated amidst the competition, seeing competition as a potential collaboration, the profound power of thought, and how seeking education for oneself is nurturing. Pour a cup of tea, get comfortable and receive this epic message!